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The World’s Longest Taxi Drive: From Baltic Sea To The Pacific

A Russian man Nikita Arkhipov pays 3, 498 $ for month long ride all the way across Russia, by taxi. Such kind of a trip from St Petesburg was a call from the heart, and took him through Siberia on his mammoth venture. Plus, it might be the world’s longest taxi ride indeed.


The starting point was Saint Petersburg, while the final destination was Magadan, located on the sea of Okhotsk. The man was accompanied by another four friends, who were in the support car and filming all the adventure of the weirdest taxi passenger.


While traveling quite often abroad, Nikita confesses that has actually never seen nothing beyond Don River, and traveling around his own country was really spectacular. The trip back was done by plane though.


Once the taxi ride had to be postponed for few days due to the bridge which has been washed away in the flood in Yakutia.


Thanks to one of the friends, who is a traveler and writer Pavel Kobyak the whole trip was filmed and will be shown in winter when Pavel returns. But the whole journey was longer than two crossings of United States, can you imagine?




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