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The Most Bizarre Powers Of Queen Elizabeth II You Didn’t Know About

The monarchs are completely different from us and Queen Elizabeth II is not an exception. Did you know she is immune from prosecution? That she can drive without license? Or that she holds dominion over British swans and can fire the entire Australian government?

The most famous thing is that Queen Elizabeth II owns all the swans in the River Thames.

According to official website of the Royal Family – all unmarked swans in open water belong to the Queen, though the Crown “exercises her ownership” only “on certain stretches of the Thames and its surrounding tributaries.” The tradition is observed during the annual “Swan Upping”, when the swans are caught from the river, ringed and set free again.
Besides swans, Queen also technically owns whales, dolphins and sturgeons in the waters around UK. This rules goes back to the statute from 1324.

The Queen can drive without driving license.

All the driving licenses are issued in the name of the Queen, however she is the only one who doesn’t legally need it to drive. Even though she doesn’t have a license, the Queen feels quite comfortable behind the wheel, she learned driving during the Second World War, when she was the operating a first-aid truck for the Women’s Auxillary Territorial Service.

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Queen Elizabeth II isn’t afraid to show off her driving skills, either. In 1998, she surprised King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia by driving him around in her country seat of Balmoral.

The Queen doesn’t need a passport. 

Unlike other members of the Royal family, the Queen does not require a passport, as they are issued in her name. Despite this lack of travel documents, she has been abroad many times.

Did you know the Queen has two birthdays? 

“Official celebrations to mark a sovereign’s birthday have often been held on a day other than the actual birthday, particularly when the actual birthday has not been in the summer,” according to the Royal Mint. Therefore the Queen’s official is celebrated on a Saturday in June, while her actual birthday is on April 21.

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She has her own private cash machine.

Which is installed in the basement of Buckingham palace. It’s provided by Coutts, one of Britain’s most prestigious — and exclusive — banks.

She even has her own poet.

Like in medieval times, and the position is very honorary in British society. Nowadays. Carol Ann Duffy is the one who holds the position of the Queen’s poet until 2019.

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She has to sign laws.

Once a proposed law passes though both of houses of Parliament it makes its way to the Palace of approval, which is called “Royal Assent”. Royal Assent is different than “Queen’s consent,” in which the Queen must consent to any law being debated in Parliament that affects the Monarchy’s interests.

She still can create Lords.

Who later on take seats in Parliament, the upper house in Britain’s legislative system.

Queen doesn’t have to pay tax.

But she has been doing it voluntarily since 1992.

The Queen has power to form governments.

Unlike the Queen, Prime Minister David Cameron doesn’t literally sit on a throne. But even after elections, she still plays an important role.

She still has knights.

Unfortunately they no longer ride the horses and carry swords, but Britain still retains knights. Like Lords, they are appointed by the Queen and she knights them personally. Knighthoods are typically given to figures who have made a particular contribution to British society — whether in business, the arts, the military, or elsewhere.

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The Queen holds the ability to fire the entire Australian government.

As you know the Queen is also a head of state in Australia, so she has her own power over the government. In addition to the UK and Australia, the Queen is also the head of state in Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Grenada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Solomon Islands, and Tuvalu.

The Queen is the head of religion.

Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the Church of England, Britain’s state religion. Her formal title is defender of the faith and supreme governor of the Church of England, and she also has the power to appoint Bishops and Archbishops.

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She gives away special money the elderly.

Every single year, during Easter time, the Queen gives away to pensioners of UK a special kind of silver coin. This year, for example, she will be 89 when Easter rolls around, so she will give maundy money away to 89 pensioners.

source: independent

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