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The Link Between New York And London: An Incredible Telescope

You Can See New York From London's Tower Bridge With An Incredible Telescope

Deep in the Atlantic ocean, a tunnel was built to link London and New York. It was built on a whim of a Victorian who wanted the two great places to stay connected and to build a kind of friendship in them. But, because of the bad fortune, it remained idle and unvisited until it got a modern twist. It was rekindled with a giant electric incredible telescope and state of the art technology. Using this ‘Telectroscope’ England and America were joined once again when the tunnel entrances were reopened beside Tower Bridge in London and Brooklyn Bridge in New York.

You Can See New York From London's Tower Bridge With An Incredible Telescope

Building The Incredible Telescope or Telectroscope

This project opened the doors for the Londoners and New Yorkers to wave at each other. This place has witnessed many emotions of the people, some trying to flirt with the people at the other end, while some trying to communicate with actions. But, this incredible thought and design belongs to. It was his thought and his art that gave rise to this amazing piece of technology allowing people kilometres away, to see each other. This project was supposedly his great grand father’s.

“Part of the idea is just to allow people to use it in whatever way they want,” said Mr St George, 53, from Bristol, who insists he developed the Telectroscope after discovering his great-grandfather’s dusty notes and diaries in an attic –  as found in daily

Installing The Telectroscope

You Can See New York From London's Tower Bridge With An Incredible TelescopeImage Source (Image Source)

The telectroscope was installed by a creative company called Artichoke. These people are the same who spectacularly paraded a mechanical elephant through London two years ago. They apparently applied the greatest and the most sophisticated broadband, camera, and satellite technology to get the two nations so close to each other.

It is amazing how this concept which is hard to believe, bright so much happiness and excitement in the people. People on the either sides can not talk the talk, but they can very much chalk the chalk and communicate. This splendid Telectroscope uses 6ft screens and a Jules Verne style telescope that gleams with brass and an array of Victorian dials. It can have people on both the sides, looking at each other.

You Can See New York From London's Tower Bridge With An Incredible Telescope

The designer of this fabulous telectroscope claimed that he was intrigued by his grand father’s project and wanted to take it ahead. The thought of a tunnel under the Atlantic was very fascinating for him. He believes that this stunning piece of technology gives way to the different ideas how people can communicate with each other inspite of the distances. Not only the normal people, but also the cops don’t leave a chance to communicate with the people on the other side.

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