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The First Underwater Art Gallery In Fort Lauderdale Is Open

The new attraction in Florida is not so easy to reach, as you will have to dive there! The first underwater art gallery has been opened on Saturday, when the huge New York City environmental tanker ship Lady Luck was sunk, featuring on board dozens of artworks on its deck in order to attract the divers.


The 324 foot boat stays peacefully on the sand bottom 120 feet underwater in Greater Fort Lauderdale, which is also a home for a big collection of warm water wrecks.

Be careful of the sharks and the artificial reef!

If you want to have a drink, this lovely mermaid waitress will serve you immediately.

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There are around 16 more wrecks on the bottom of the ocean in the same area, but Lady Luck has become the biggest contribution to Florida’s artificial reef system, being the biggest dive attraction and park at the same time.
Thanks to the work of artist Dennis MacDonald, such fun displays have been designed for the shipwreck, including even a casino with poker tables and an octopus as a dealer.

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This unusual attraction is easy to reach – ten minute boat ride from Hillsboro Inlet and you are right at the spot. Besides the described attractions, you can also visit 16 staterooms, captain’s deck, engine room and even the galley.
The expectations are to receive around 35, 00 divers annually and special boat rides will be provided to reach the destination.
Get your diving equipment and start exploring the Lady Luck!


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