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The First 100% Self Reliant Town Which Will Produce Its Own Energy And Water!

While environmental issues have become a number one concern for most of the countries, Netherlands doesn’t waste time for thinking and already implements its own way out, in order to save our planet and actually benefit it instead of using the resources on regular basis without giving anything back.

ReGen Villages is a California based developer, who started the community pilot project which will be completed by 2017 and will start its work from Amsterdam, slowly spreading to Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
What exactly is the project about? It will use modern technologies to grow its own food, produce the filter water and much more.
Once the project is complete, it will allow people live and accomplish all their needs without investing money to power or water companies.
ReGen Villages are expecting to have tonnes of organic food every single year, from vegetables, fruit, fish, eggs, chicken and other small animal dairy that can continuously grow on the vertical gardening system which will work all year round.

This will be a revolutionary change in the world’s system, giving people more opportunities and giving our planet a bit time to rest and recover.


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