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The Best Chocolatiers In The World

The fans of chocolate are going to melt the same way these delicious pralines, cream and liqueur, fudge chocolates melt in the hands of its creators. These premier chocolate makers are known as the best in their field of art:

Teuscher, Switzerland

Swiss chocolate is famous all over the world, and this tradition started in a small village of Swiss Alps around 70 years ago. Dolf Teuscher managed to combine such ingredients as fruits, nuts, marzipan, cocoa into his famous and delicious recipes. Thanks to these inventions, now the Teuscher kitchen produces around 100 varieties of chocolates. But the main specialty of the company now is a champagne truffle: blend of butter, fresh cream, chocolate and a champagne cream center…covered with confectioner’s sugar.

Vosges Haut-Chocolat, Chicago, USA

The owner of the brand has learned the art of chocolate making at French confectionery at le Cordon Bleu, Paris. Now inspired by the infusions of various spices, flowers with chocolate, she creates such masterpieces as Mexican Vanilla bean and Argentinean dulce de leche.

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker, California, USA

Company’s specialty is the production of a dark chocolate, controlling the whole process, from bean to bar. The unique flavor is reached by a careful choice of the best cacao, mixture of beans of different origin. Along with ready to eat bars, the company is also producing a rich collection of baking chocolates.

Jacques Torres Chocolate, New York, USA

If you ever watched the movie Chocolat, you will feel the same atmosphere as soon as you enter the Jacques Torres Chocolate. The atmosphere will remind you the small chocolate shops spread around the Europe, with its small tables around, a smell of a hot chocolate and taste of freshly baked pain au chocolat. The company’s specialty is fresh, handcrafted chocolates.

Norman Love Confections, Florida, USA

Norman Love has always dreamed of creating a stunning visually as well as delicious chocolate , and finally his dream came true. Every single candy has a handmade design, airbrushed and filled with the best chocolate imported from France, Belgium and Switzerland. Just have a look at his famous pumpkin white chocolate bonbon…too good to be eaten!

Valrhona, France

The famous chocolate confectionery since 1922 impresses the admirers of chocolate with imported cocoa beans straight from South America, Caribbean and Pacific region’s plantations. Valrhona was the first one to describe its chocolate as wine, and presented the label of grand cru.

Godiva Chocolatier, Belgium

The world famous Belgian pralines are known since 1920s, in the times when Draps family was owing the workshop and sold its masterpieces in highly valuable shops. Joseph Draps started his career in chocolate family business from the age of 14, and he is the one we have to thank for the marvelous chocolate Godiva, which shine from the world famous golden boxes.

Richard Donnelly Fine Chocolates, California, USA

A very unusual taste comes from such combinations of Belgian and French chocolate with the such ingredients as saffron, cardamom, Earl Grey tea and lavender. This innovation brought to Richard Donnelly The Best Artisan award at the Eurochocolate Festival in Italy.

Richart, France

The perfect art deserves the most prestigious honor of Ruban Bleu for seven times. Thanks to the finest ingredients and special recipes, Richart has gain a perfection in chocolate art, so now he focuses on developing different flavors, designs and colors.

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