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Sex In Space: Experts Shed Light On The Issue

Sex In Space: Experts Shed Light On The Issue

Sex in space is not just a good idea, it’s survival.

Vanna Bonta

Sex in space is a serious business because the difference of gravity changes a lot of thing in the human body. Not only this, but also there are other factors that affect the daily routine and bodily activities of a human in space. The astronauts, even after being so experienced, face numerous complications while and after traveling in space. NASA claims that no human has had sex in space yet, as it is not that easy.

Is It Possible To Have Sex In Space?

NASA claims that no human has had sex in space as yet, and also, they have a written rule that no married couple can fly together as astronauts. In January 1991, a couple, Mark Lee and Jan Davis got married and did not tell their boss at NASA. They met during a space shuttle training.

During that time, this was an unwritten rule that no married couple would fly to the space together. Because they hid it from the management, they got to fly together but apparently, did not get lucky in the space. They were probably the first and the last married couple to have flown together in space.

Talking about a permanent settlement on Mars, it is essential to know what happens to the normal biological fictions of the body like sex. And all these things are more than just sex. Being in space apparently affects the whole body and many of the functions. Currently the research on reproduction in space has been slow and underfunded.

How Radiations In Space Affect Reproduction?

Nothing is very clear, but radiations can slam the DNA and cause cancer, physical deformities, and other such serious things, due to genetic mutation. The list of most sensitive organs to radiations, comprises of Gonads, Ovaries, and Testes in the top part.

Microgravity’s Affect on Reproduction

Another factor that affects reproduction and the whole reproduction cycle is microgravity. Astronauts lose a lot of muscle mass while being in the space. The body gets weaker as it doesn’t have to bear the normal weight of the body. In some experiments on mice, the results showed that some of them stopped ovulating and some of them lost the corpus luteum. In some of the experiments, the mice managed to get pregnant but suffered a miscarriage. These experiments however, do not throw much light on how human hormones behave in space.

Impacts Of Long-Duration Spaceflights

Long duration space travel surely affects the health of the astronauts. Some speculations are if astronauts travel for long durations, they will lose much of their muscle mass and regaining it is not sure. Mars obviously has no provision of medical aids as the astronauts get on Earth, which becomes difficult for them.

Some retired astronauts allegedly also spoke about how they are not paid according to the risks they take and the retired astronauts don’t get too many benefits. Nevertheless, NASA identified the gaps in the long duration space travel and commissioned a team to approach long hour space travel ethically.



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