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Seven Travel Secrets From Airport Insiders You Have To Know

No matter how many times you have taken a plane, you will never know all the hidden pits of traveling by air. Airport insiders took a courage to reveal some of the tips and advices as for secure and pleasant flight: don’t drink the coffee , bring your own headphones, and don’t bother locking your suitcase are just few of them. Continue reading to find out more:

1. It doesn’t make any sense to lock the zippers on your suitcase. According to user Royalsiblings: “You can pop a zipper with a pen and drag the locked zipper pulls around the bag to close them back up. I’ve done this many times to identify bags that are tagless and locked”.

2. Bring your own headphones. In spite of the fact that the set you are given on the plane is wrapped it is not new. They are taken off the flight, cleaned and packed back, according to the user Ichlgo29.

3. Don’t forget to remove old flight tags. It is a common sense, as it can confuse the handlers and conveyor belt scanner. Just because you didn’t remove the old tag it can be sent to the previous destination. It happens all the time.

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4. Be polite to employees. Being nice with employees can give you back a lot of perks: “The nicer you are to us, the more we can do for you. Ran out of beef? Ask politely and we will get you a fillet mignon from first class. Your neighbour is noisy? Tell us nicely and we might be able to get you a better seat,” said flight attendant and Redditor ihatcoe.

5. Tuesday is the best time for buying a ticket and flying as well. On average, the cheapest time to buy tickets is on Tuesday afternoon and cheapest time to fly is – Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. It mainly concerns the US flights though.

6. Skip the coffee. Coffee on the plane is usually disgusting and the reason is quite simple – nobody washes the container that goes out every morning. Usually it is simply rinsed and the fresh coffee goes back in.

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7. Add your pet’s name on the carrier. Traveling with a pet is always a challenge. Even though it is going to be settled in a separate carrier, for sure he is going to be scared of the flight. Employees will try to comfort your pets, but the best way to do is by talking. Calling your pet by name usually helps a lot.

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