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Save Some Cash: World’s Cheapest Cities Revealed

Traveling always implies extra expenses, even if you planned every your step precisely and accurately. There is always going to be some unplanned excursion, a souvenir which you can’t leave behind and a restaurant where you can’t handle but order one more cocktail. But no worries, we’ve got you  and your wallet covered with the cheapest cities around the world:

Rio de Janeiro

The Olympic Games are gone, and the prices feel down rapidly during the last few years, making the city extremely attractive among tourists especially when carnival is here.


The capital of Paraguay is growing extremely fast and is becoming a number one destination.


According to they survey, the South African city took 18th place among the cheapest ones in the world. The city is really alive, developing and you can still smell the scent of gold rush here.


It is very close in the rankings with Johannesburg, but tourism is not very advertised here, therefore you can rarely see the 16 million city on the travel itinerary of tourists.

St. Petersburg

The history, the architecture, the famous Russian ballet make St. Petersburg more popular than even the Russian capital of Moscow. As for the prices, they will pleasantly surprise you comparing to other European destinations.


Pretty much the same prices as in St. Petersburg, Kiev is more known as a city of thousand golden domes. Being one of the oldest European cities, it will demonstrate the birthplace of Eastern Slavic civilization, a number of stunning churches and artworks.


The capital of Nepal is very famous when it comes to hiking trips to Himalaya! Don;t miss your chance.


It has been declared recently, than Iran became safe for visiting and those who are not afraid can expect low prices. Tehran is a home to art galleries, museums and really extraordinary architecture.


Another South African city is on the list. Pretoria holds a rather bureaucratic atmosphere, which is softened slightly by a great number of students. The best option would be to combine Pretoria and Johannesburg.


Even though you can still feel the communist past here, the city has changed a lot and grew into a beautiful capital with a number of gorgeous museums, cafes and streets full of ancient, historical buildings.


Even though Syria’s capital is very cheap for visiting, it is not likely to be visited in the nearest few dozens of years for sure.


Unfortunately there is no direct flight available to Venezuela at the moment, but those who will make an effort will be pleased by a welcoming city and low prices of Caracas. It is a huge, busy city which is not the most safest one unfortunately. But if you are here already, take a cable car ride to see the beautiful mountains below and pass by few museums.

New Delhi

Many visitors who come to see India go to Delhi in the first place. It is a right choice, as India is a very busy, full of traffic choked roads country, and these facts can literally turn people away.


The city has rather great prices, but again due to the low tourist promotion not many of us have this charming city on the list.


The capital of the country is perfect for visiting, but as for the rest skip visiting large towns and better stick to small and cozy countrysides.


One of the cheapest Indian and world’s cities. Here you can find the monuments to some of the earliest settlers, the oldest Anglican church in Asia and pass by the Fort Museum.


Pakistan is another country which is very rarely seen on the tourist’s lists for obvious reasons .While the prices the city offers are really one of the cheapest ones.


In recent years the city has been experiencing something like an artistic renaissance, which is mostly centered in the Kala Ghoda district. The area is probably one of the most pedestrian free zones, with no cars but plenty of restaurants and boutiques instead is becoming more and more popular.


The city is more known as the world’s call-center capital. But at the same time it is one of the friendliest and most cosmopolitan cities in India.


Zambian capital is considered to be the cheapest city in the world and can attract the visitors definitely by its spectacular wildlife.


source: telegraph

featured image: blog.zenrooms

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