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Paleo Diet Might Not Be The Best Choice For Longer Life…

The popularity of Paleo diets has been growing rapidly over the last few years, but researches state we might consider totally opposite way of eating instead.


As it turns out, with age we should go for a low protein, high carbohydrate diet instead, as it is more beneficial for older life and can increase the longevity, according to Dr Samantha Solon-Biet.
The low carbon diet is so far the most effective one when it comes to stimulating a hormone with life-extending and obesity-fighting benefits, states Australian research.

The study was published in the Cell Metabolism journal and shows a very clear picture of how Fibroblast Factor 21 (FGF21) produced in the liver. According to previous studies the FGF21 plays a significant role in moderating metabolism, curbing appetite and in overall improves the immune system and extends the lifespan. The performed researches on mice showed that diets high in carbohydrate and low in protein are the best in boosting the level of FGF21.
Thanks to these researches, scientists got a better idea on how FGF21 works and how to use it to help people live longer and healthier.


source: businessinsider 

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