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Never Melting Ice Cave In China!

While everything in the world keeps melting due to the global warming process, this huge cave – Lushan Mountain Ningwu with 85 meters deep and 2, 3000 meters above the sea level that doesn’t even think of starting to melt! So far this is the largest ice cave that was ever found on the territory of China. JUNXIANG/IMAGINECHINA/AP

The scientists believe that the cave formed around 3 million years ago, during the ice age and since then is still here, in Ningwu county, Shanxi province attracting around a thousand visitors each day. JUNXIANG/IMAGINECHINA/AP

The cave itself is truly magical, with a game of lights and massive ice cubes around. But its beauty is not the only special thing. The most outstanding fact is that the cave never melts, really. This statement doesn’t apply of course if you take a piece out to the sun, then it will melt for sure. But this cave is one of the few who can survive without melting even though it is twenty degrees outside. Plus, thousands of visitors every day who bring warmth with their bodies – still doesn’t melt! JUNXIANG/IMAGINECHINA/AP

Scientists believe that such effect is achieved by the specific shape of the cave, which has a trap which brings cool air down a narrow passageway and doesn’t allow too much heat to come in. JUNXIANG/IMAGINECHINA/AP

That’s a true natural miracle! Next time you are in China, you know what to visit! JUNXIANG/IMAGINECHINA/AP JUNXIANG/IMAGINECHINA/AP



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