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It Is Official, Scientists Found Out That Octopuses Are Aliens

Which means all our lives we have been living side by side with aliens and wondering, if there are any other creatures besides us, humans.
The conclusion about octopuses being aliens have been driven by the scientists basing on the recent findings  in the Octopus Genome Project: the first genome in order to map out the total DNA structure of the complex cephalopod. And what exactly did they find? It is hard to believe.

The two octopuses were chosen for this project from California by researches from University of Chicago, though they were not the only ones working on breaking the genome. The scientists from Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology in Japan is working on the same issue. The cooperation of the two teams led to great results which were published in the journal Nature.

All in all, octopuses have 33, 000 genes, which makes 10, 000 more than in any human. Only this one fact already puts these creatures out of the planet. But this is not everything. They are smart..being able to solve the puzzles, use tools and open jars. They do have some similar genes to humans, the neural work in the brain allowing them to react quickly and adapt to new surroundings. Besides that we do share a large brain, closed circulatory system and the eyes, containing iris, retina and lens.

Plus scientists found out the trick of octopus masking himself in a blink of an eye. Along as sequence is coded out that they can figure out the way octopuses change their skin in a matter of seconds. This knowledge can be outbreaking in the fields of neuroscience and engineering!

Octopuses have also the ability to improve their genetic code like humans do, but what makes them different is the ability to edit their RNA and adapt nerves to extreme cold in the ocean.

This is only the beginning of the whole project of breaking the genome and pretty soon scientists will find out all the mysteries hidden behind this alien creatures.


Featured Image: nationalgeographic

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