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Is Sound Sleep The Driving Force Towards The Human Evolution?

Is Sound Sleep The Driving Force Towards The Human Evolution?

Every individual is different with respect to their sleep pattern. So, there are those who sleep for 8 hours and are still restless, and the ones who just need a nap to stay alert and smart. There are researches which indicate that too much sleep makes you groggy and again, that too little of that can cause concentration problems. In fact, with sleep is associated health issues and their root causes.

On an average human sleep about 6-9 hours. This is almost like spending a third of the life in sleep. In fact, when it is about the Primates- humans, apes and monkeys, it is the humans which sleep the least. In accordance with the latest analysis, the humans have evolved so that they sleep less and at the same time sleep deeply and are yet more productive.

Have a look at the evolution cycle:

  • Almost 3 million years ago, the ancestors had apelike bodies. They were the Australopithecines and slept in the trees.
  • However, time went by and by 2 million years ago, the hominin (for those of you unaware of the taxonomy, they include recent humans along with the extinct ancestral and related forms), had become erect.
  • Hence, it is a probability that it was the Homo erectus who spent its life on the ground. And, again must have been the first one to make beds. Deeper and better sleep. However, again, you cannot negate the idea that ground meant they needed more protection from the predators.
Is Sound Sleep The Driving Force Towards The Human Evolution? Homo erectus (early humans) spent their life on the ground and must have been the first ones to make beds.
  • Another novel implication is that in order to protect them, they must have executed the utilization of fire. Now, fire made sure that they were protected and at the same time ate cooked food. And, if you go with the findings of Richard Wrangham of Harvard University, the ancestors did eat cooked food in order to gain calorie for their big brains.
  • Yet again, there is proof that when H.erectus came to sleep on the ground, they started making use of better tools.
  • Group size also enhanced and so did better weapons and communication skills.
Is Sound Sleep The Driving Force Towards The Human Evolution?Gorillas build new sleeping nests each night

In this context, in accordance with David Samson, Duke University, North Carolina, US-moving to ground made sure that they could sleep better-“which in turn could have affected cognition”.

Is Sound Sleep The Driving Force Towards The Human Evolution?Babies need far more sleep than adults

In the same context it became significant for the researchers to understand the uniqueness of human sleep. So, Samson and Nunn compared the sleep patterns of 21 primates. They took the assistance of the time they spent in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.

The observation gave some of the most relying results. In accordance with them, the humans spent the highest proportion of sleep in an REM state, even when they slept the least. Thus, they have the deepest sleep of any primate.

dolphinsDolphins never completely switch off

This definitely indicates on the significance of REM sleep.

Again, when you are sleeping deeply and soundly it is only aiding you to become smarter and evolve better even if it is for a lesser period of time.

So, switch off that light, log out and have a Good night’s sleep!

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