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How To Detect And Remove Negative Energy

How To Detect And Remove Negative Energy

Have you heard of negative energies?

They make sure to project a deteriorating impact on you and your family members.  They can be brought by strangers, neighbors and even family members. They have the capability to destroy the harmony of your abode. It thus, becomes significant to eradicate any negative energy from your home.

However, before going into the remedies to remove the negative energy, it is imperative to detect them.

Detecting negative energy

The process is really simple. Take a transparent glass and put sea salt in it till top 1/3 of the glass. Then, pour the glass with 1/3 water and 1/3 vinegar. Place the entire arrangement in a room, in a hidden spot, where you feel there is a possibility of bad vibes. You need to make sure that no one removes the glass.

Then observe it carefully. If the glass has smudges or many bubbles, it indicates towards the presence of negative energy. This water needs to be flushed in the toilet and re-flushed to ensure that the toilet is clean of the negative energy.

How To Detect And Remove Negative Energy

10 tips to remove negative energy

Here is a list of 10 tips which aid in removing negative Energy:

1. Cleaning

How To Detect And Remove Negative Energy

– Clean your houses regularly and vacuum each and every room. Every night, cleaning of the kitchen and cooking area is requisite.

2. Smudging

– Pursue the age old tradition of utilizing the popular herb-sage.

3. Reorganizing furniture

– Make sure to re-arrange décor, and while pursuing the process keep a lot of space and ensure your comfort. And, the most imperative of all do not keep broken décor items or those that are of no use to you.

4. Sunlight and fresh air

– Sunlight and fresh air have immense cleansing power. It is attributed to the strong energy of Nature. Hence, when you allow plenty of sunlight and air to dock in your home, it implies a boost of positivity.

5. Sea salt

How To Detect And Remove Negative Energy

– Sea salt is another amazing option to eradicate negative energy. You can add it to a solution of spray bottles and sprinkle it in the corners of the various directions. At the same time, you can sprinkle sea salt over the entire room. You can also purify your body by relaxing in a bathtub filled with warm water and a cup of sea salt.

6. Loud claps

– Bells, hand clapping, chimes, drums and even the Tibetan bowls have the ability to break the pattern of negative energy in your abodes. So, go with the sounds and cleanse your house.

7. Essential oils

How To Detect And Remove Negative Energy

– The strong aroma of essential oils have the capacity to disperse negative energy. It will aid in refreshing the home naturally. Again, the antibacterial and antiviral property of essential oil makes sure to impart good health of your home.

8. Living plants

– Mother Nature provides with the most amazing option in the form of living plants. It also adds beauty to your home.

9. Crystals

How To Detect And Remove Negative Energy

– Crystal have the property of fighting negative emotions. Hence, place it in the center of your home to make sure to repel negative energy. Rose quartz, hematite, black onyx, smoky quartz can be utilized for this.

10. Saffron

How To Detect And Remove Negative Energy

– Fresh aroma of saffron aids in expelling and evacuating the house with negativity.

So, go ahead, utilize either of the above 10 tips and aid in a positive and healthy home!

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