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How A Buddha Statue On Your Desk Can Ward Off An Evil Boss

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There Are Bad Bosses and Then There Are Bad Bosses

Bad bosses can make work miserable. Considering how much time most people spend at work, this means that having a bad boss can be very unpleasant to say the least. However, it is important to note that there are bad bosses and then there are bad bosses. The first will treat their workers in a poor manner, whereas the second will use their power to pressure their workers into cheating as well as other forms of unethical behaviour. Something that can have serious legal consequences on top of everything else.

How Can a Buddha Statue Help Out?

Traditionally, Buddha statues have been used to protect their possessors from various forms of evil. Amusingly, there is some evidence to suggest that having either a Buddha statue or religious / moral symbol in open sight can protect workers from bad bosses.

For those who are curious, the gist of it is that people behave better when they see something that reminds them of the importance of doing so. One excellent example would be patrons paying more at a pay-as-you-wish cafe when the cafe hung up posters of Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa, and other individuals famous for their ethics.

Another example would be actual the study in India which looked at 104 pairs of workers and their managers. It surveyed the supervisors to ask how often their subordinates displayed religious symbols at their desks, such as images of Krishna or Buddha, and the subordinates about how often their bosses asked them to do something dubious. Even after controlling for other factors, such as job satisfaction, those who displayed religious symbols were less likely to be asked to act unethically.

The exact causes for such changes in the latter case are still unclear, so on top of the aforementioned rule, it is possible that bosses are also refraining from asking such workers to engage in unethical behaviour because they think there is a higher chance of them being refused.

Feng Shuis Tips

For those who own a business, placing Buddha on a reception’s desk can help bring prosperity to your company. For better results you can also place small Buddha statue on an office desk.

Further Considerations

Whatever the case, it is clear that a Buddha statue meaning enables a Buddha statue on the work desk to protect from bad bosses. As such, interested individuals might want to check out our selection of Buddha and oriental figurines, which include some made out of gemstones for those who believe in the healing power of such materials.


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