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Healing Crystals That Protect Your Aura

Healing Crystals that Protect your Health

Healing crystals sound quite surprising, isn’t it? But there are natural crystals that are used to heal and protect your health. This process of natural healing is also known as alternative medicine. There are energy grids or ‘Chakras’ in the body that can be regulated with the healing crystals. The practitioners select the crystals according to their colour or believed metaphysical qualities, for the healing process and protecting Aura.

What is Aura?

Aura is the protective shield that keeps the negative energies away from you. Negative energies could mean negative thoughts and feelings from others, and also it prevents the leakage of your positive energy. Aura is a collective name for small entities that surround your physical body.

Healing Crystals That Protect Your Aura

The holes that are created in this shield, are known as Auric tears. These holes let the negativities enter and your positive energies to leak. The healing crystals help in protecting your aura and preventing it from forming the Auric holes. In a simple scientific language, your aura can get affected by someone’s negative aura. You keep meeting different people around you. Some have a positive aura and some carry negative aura.

The impact of the positive aura is beneficial for your physical and mental health, and vice-versa. But, with the help of a few methods of natural healing, you can thankfully keep the negativities away.

How the Negative Energy Impacts Aura?

Negative energies from people can come in any form such as anger, pain, stress, or irritability. These are just some of the forms of negative energies you can be subjected to. According to physics, the flow of energy is always negative to positive. So if you meet a person with negative energies, his energies will flow into you and suck your positive energy.

By wearing some specific stones, you can make an attempt to stay protected. You can wear them in many forms as today, these stones come in the form of fashionable accessories too.

Healing Crystals that Protect your Health

Crystals and gemstones can be worn as earrings, pendants, etc. You can also chose to just place them at your home or office as decorative.

There are gemstone trees and fengshui figures that will act as a decorative and also maintain a positive aura all around the place.

Methods to Protect your Aura

The healing crystals and gemstones can help you protect the aura. But, additionally you can make some efforts to stay positive by cleaning your living, cooking, and working spaces regularly. Other methods that involve healing with crystals are as follows:

Healing Crystals That Protect Your Aura

  1. By moving the stone clockwise around the body a few times, unless you start feeling the difference
  2. By placing the stone on the Chakras of the body one by one
  3. Wearing them as amulets

Crystals Worn as Amulets and their Benefits

Healing Crystals That Protect Your Aura

Crystals and gemstones can be worn as amulets in different ways such as earrings, pendants, armlets, and kept as good luck charms, fetishes, etc.

Coral:  Some of the major benefits of Coral includes improvement in self expression, truthfulness, and balanced opinions.

Agate:If you are a traveller, this one is for you because Agate is known for protection against evil and harmful spirits specially when one is travelling.

Amethyst: This is known for protection against the natural calamities, black witchcrafts, and physical attacks.

Turquoise:  This stone keeps you away of the physical injuries such as broken bones.

Apache Tear: protects the aura and protects one against environmental stresses.

Aquamarine:protects one against drowning and when traveling over water. Counteracts the lure of dark spirits and procures wise ones.

Bloodstone: guards against deception, harmful spirits, wounds and insect bites. Offers psychic protection.

Citrine: makes one less susceptible to negative influences.

Diamond: protects against plague and pestilence.

Jade:protects children from childhood diseases.

Malachite:protects against negativity from others and psychic attack. Guards against radiation and poisoning.

Marcasite: protects one from negative energy and entities.

Moonstone: protects against the dangers of travel, especially when traveling on water.

Obsidian: blocks negative influences and energies. Protects against environmental stresses.

Black Onyx: protects from harmful spirits and environmental stresses. Blocks negative influences.

Opal: protects from those who may wish you harm.

Peridot: powerful protection against negative forces. Acts as a shield of protection for the body.

Quartz:protects against negative energies.

Smoky Quartz: protects and shields from harm and negative influences.

Tourmalinated Quartz: protects one’s life purpose for this incarnation.

Ruby: shields against psychic attack and misfortune.

Sugilite: protects the soul from shocks and disappointments.

Tiger Eye: protects against harmful spirit intrusions. Protects travelers in automobiles from accidents.

Blue Topaz:  protects from harm.

Black Tourmaline: protects against harmful physical and psychic influences such as psychic attack, psychic vampires, spirit possession, and harmful spirit intrusions. Protects the aura against negative thought forms and energy. Protects against spells, ill-wishing, microwaves, radiation, and environmental and geopathic stresses.


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