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Geopathic Stress May Trigger Cancer, Doctors Claim

Geopathic Stress May Trigger Cancer, Doctors Claim

It is known that whilst there are natural energies emanating from the earth that are beneficial to mankind, there are others that can cause discomfort, physical, mental and emotional discord and, if exposed for long enough periods, illness and disease. This is known as Geopathic Stress (GS) and usually runs in lines through the earth.

“Cancer is a disease of location triggered off by geopathic stress. We all produce cancerous cells on a regular basis, but they are continuously destroyed by our body’s immune system. Geopathic stress does not cause cancer, but weakens our immune system.” – Dr Ernst Hartmann, MD

You might not know, but Geopathic Stress is apparently one the most influential factors causing cancer. It is also one of the most researched areas, where scientists and doctors have solid proofs of how it can trigger the onset of cancer in the body.

What Is Geopathic Stress?

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As the name suggests, ‘Geo’ refers to ‘Earth’ and ‘pathic’ refers to ‘sufferings’. So the word goepathic means stress or sufferings relating to the Earth. There are several types of this stress that are related to the Earth and cause stress in your body. The weak electromagnetic lines running across our planet is one of the types of this stress.

In this modern era, there are pseudogeopathic stress and technopathic stress as well, which are potent to put your health at risks of serious diseases like cancer.

Types Of Geopathic Stress

Types of Geopathic Stress include Earth radiations plus modern or Technopathic stress.

Underground Streams or Water Veins – The underground running water on the Earth causes stress in the body.

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Geological Fault Lines – A fault is a crack in the Earth’s crust, typically due to difference in the solid densities. Source (Image Source)

Benker Cube – Named after the master carpenter and avid dowser Anton Benker.

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Curry Lines – A global grid network of electrically charged lines running diagonal to the poles.

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Hartmann Lines – The Hartmann net is a global grid of electrically charged lines running North-South and East-West. These lines are alternately charged positive and negative. The place where these intersect, the charge can be positive-positive, negative-negative, or positive-negative. The critical charged zone is the geopathic stress zone.

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RadioactivityNatural radiations that emanate from the soil.

EMF – All the modern man-made influences such as electric lines, electric cables, and electric appliances.

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Historical Overview Of The Links Between Cancer And Geopathic Stress

The links between stress caused due to Earth radiations and cancer, dates back to 6000 BC. Below is the historical overview as found at Healing Cancer Naturally:

6000 BC
Rock drawings from this period in the Northern Sahara depict divining rods and pendulums.

3000 – 300 BC
Pharaonic tombs in the Egyptian Valley of the Kings contained sculptures and images depictings priests holding forked branches. Some tombs contained pendulums as burial offerings.

2205 – 2197 BC
Chinese Emperor Kuang Yu promulgated an edict (effective to this day) which reads: “No dwelling shall be built before the earth diviners haven‘t confirmed the intended building site to be free of earth demons.” TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has long known about the influences of hidden – i.e. generally invisible – earth radiations.

2000 BC
Relief of a dowser in Turkey ascribed to the Hittites of that period

600 – 100 BC
Celtic songs as well as bard songs of the Druidic Order mention the divining rod.

About this time, Gottfried v. Strassburg (Middle High German minstrel of the era of knights and courts) mentions the divining rod, as does Konrad von Würzburg, the “most versatile poet of the 13th century, a ruler over language and verse” in 1280.

A Vienna documentary drawing depicts people dowsing for water.

Benedictine monk and alchemist Basilius Valentinus leaves detailed instructions on the use of the divining rod in his testament.

1618 – 1648
Dowsers were employed during the 30 Years War to track down treasures.

Middle Ages
The divining rod (wunsciligerta) finds frequent mention in the Nibelungenlied. Minnesinger Wolfram von Eschenbach mentions the divining rod in his “Parzival”.
Generally, this lore was wide-spread in Europe in medieaval times (where it had been passed down, among other channels, as the art of geomancy from the Celts). Later, as the so-called exact sciences set out to conquer the world, dowsing was dismissed as mumbo jumbo. In more recent times, it was reintroduced to the West as part of the Chinese art of Feng Shui – even our scientists have turned their attention to this subject again.

1914 – 1918
Dowsers and diviners were used on all fronts of World War I to detect water, caves and duds.

In January, German scientist Baron Gustav von Pohl, a talented dowser who believed that earth radiation affected tree growth, animal behaviour and human health, set out to officially prove that cancer deaths only occurred in people who had been sleeping in beds positioned above a powerful “water vein” (underground stream). In collaboration with the Berlin Centre for Cancer Research, Baron von Pohl investigated, i.e. dowsed and recorded his findings in the town of Vilsbiburg in Southern Germany. Using his own ‚Pohl‘ scale of earth radiation, the scientist mapped earth energy lines in the town, then compared them to the records of the district hospital. It was found that every single one of the 48 recently recorded cancer deaths had occurred in people who had been sleeping in beds standing exactly above one of the powerful “water veins” (underground streams) Pohl had mapped before seeing the medical records . The then district physician Dr. Bernhuber MD confirmed the accuracy of von Pohl’s stated correlations (read the original German minutes of the “Inspection of the Market Vilsbiburg on the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th January 1929 by firstly the honorouble first Mayor J. Brandl, police superintendent Fischer (on the afternoon of the 13th January), Constable Schachtner (every afternoon, the 13th January excepted), Christian Lechner sen., Lebzelter (on the 13th Jan.), Georg Brandl (on the 13th January) and secondly the divining rod explorer Baron Gustav von Pohl, Dachau-Unteraugustenfeld, drawn up under official supervision” and signed by the town’s mayor.)
With this officially supervised investigation, von Pohl furnished incontrovertible proof that all cancer deaths of the previous years registered in the Lower Bavarian town of Vilsbiburg concerned people who had been sleeping above a powerful “water vein”, with no exception to this rule.

The Berlin Centre for Cancer Research accepted Pohl’s findings and published the information in their July journal, positing that earth radiation could be a causative factor in cancer.
Pohl published a book on his work (“Earth Currents as Pathogenic Agents for Illess and the Development of Cancer”, currently out of print) and a number of German doctors began working with the material to help their patients.

1935 to 1953
Pohl’s work was further advanced by the German/American doctor Manfred Curry. Curry was head of a research clinic in Southern Germany and investigated the earth energy phenomenon. From his work on the impact of weather on humans and human energy fields, Curry discovered an energy net that affected human energy levels and even had an impact on blood sedimentation rates. It became known as the Curry Net. Curry became so skilled in detecting the Curry Net that he could diagnose a patient simply by doing a site test and knowing where the patient’s bed was positioned. He knew that where the energy lines intersected in a knot formation, cancers would manifest.

A German medical doctor, Ernst Hartmann MD, was dowsing for water and discovered what became known as the Hartmann Net. Hartmann, who published two books on the noxious impact of energy lines (Krankheit als Standortproblem Bd. 1 + Bd. 2), spent decades researching the phenomenon. He found that if people worked or slept over the meridians of earth energy, they could suffer heart attacks, insomnia, chronic asthma, migraines, backaches and cancers. He discovered that constantly disturbed and crying babies would settle immediately when their cot was moved. He further found that sleeping on a North/South line made people prone to cramps and rheumatism, with an East/West line making them prone to inflammations. But most notably, he documented three generations of a family who all slept in the same bed in the same house where two Hartmann lines intersected and who had all died of stomach cancer. Starting in 1953, Ernst Hartmann published observations on the connection between the incidence of unexplainable diseases and earth radiations, recording his experiences from a medical viewpoint. Up until his death in 1993, Dr. Hartmann had been searching for a cancer patient whose bed was not affected by noxious earth rays – without finding a single one.

Austrian schoolteacher and dowser Käthe Bachler started one of the most extensive and recent research projects into the earth radiation phenomenon. Working in collaboration with medical doctors, Käthe Bachler dowsed over 3,000 sleep and work places in 14 countries interviewing 11,000 people. In next to all unexplainable cases, they found earth rays to be the cause of the disease. Not only did she find that 95% of the ‘problem’ children that she investigated slept in beds or worked at desks placed at harmful sites, but she also checked 500 cancer cases; every one was found to be sleeping over harmful radiation.

During the Vietnam war, the US Americans called in radiesthetists to find hideouts, caves and mines.

Dr. Veronika Carstens MD (wife of former German Federal President Karl Carstens) published a study stating that there were 700 cases documented world-wide in which terminal cancer patients had regained their health without any conventional treatment after their sleeping area had been moved from a geopathic stress zone. All of these cancer patients had been “given up” by their doctors.”

Symptoms Of Geopathic Stress

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Apparently Geopathic Stress or GS does not cause any illness or disease, but it does reduce the immunity of your body. Some of the most common symptoms of GS include:

  1. A feeling of being run-down and exhausted
  2. Depression
  3. Nervousness and loss of appetite
  4. Pallor and allergy to food
  5. Not absorbing the necessary vitamins and minerals
  6. Not wanting to go to bed or insomnia and restless sleep
  7. Feeling cold, cramps, tingling in arms and legs
  8. Children often bed wet and babies continuously cry

The Dulwich Health Society, USA, studied over 25,000 patients and concluded that 100% of them had secondary cancer. 95% of them who had cancer were having their work stationed on a GS place.

How To Detect Geopathic Stress Zones At Your Home

Apart from taking the help of professionals, you can analyse your home and living spaces on your own.

The following is copied from Suzy Chiazzari, Copyright (c) 2000, Adapted from The Healing Home, and as found at Healing Cancer Naturally:

“When the natural electromagnetic field in the ground is disturbed, energy can become distorted. This is known as geopathic stress.

In the home, geopathic stress can affect your health, especially if you are sleeping over an underground stream or watercourse. Places disturbed by negative energies can be very disruptive to sleep. If you sleep near high-voltage power lines or even over domestic supply cables, you will find that your sleep may be restless. If you find that your sleepless nights have no apparent reason, you may do well to check for underground disturbances.

There are three ways of checking the magnetic field in a room in your home. These three are using a dowsing rod, a pendulum, and a compass. Due to space constraints this article will just offer how to use a compass.

Using a compass
Use a good compass. Turn it until the needle lies directly north and move it slowly over the area to be dowsed. As the compass approaches an area of disturbance, the needle will swing away from the north position. As it is difficult to hold a compass steady, it is best used over a small area like a bed, chair or sofa. Pass the compass over the area a number of times from different directions to ensure accuracy when pinpointing a disturbance.

Finding geopathic stress
To dowse for energy disturbances in the home, draw a plan of each room. This does not have to be exact, but it is best to pace out the rooms, so that you can pinpoint the spot where any disturbance may occur. If your room is six paces by five, draw a rectangle on squared paper, using one square per pace. You will need to make a number of passes across the room or area in two directions which are at right angles to one another so that you are forming a grid. Then walk diagonally across the space.

Select a wall and start at the left-hand corner. Walk along the edge of the room slowly and steadily holding the compass. Count your paces as you move. If the compass moves from the north position, mark the spot on your plan. Depending on the size of the room, move two paces to the right and walk across the room again, marking any points where the compass moves off true north. Once you have walked across the room in several straight lines, move to an adjacent wall and start again. You will be forming a grid. When you have completed this grid you can walk diagonally from corner to corner in the same way.

Double check any points where you may have found disturbance. If they are small, mark them in blue on your plan, but if they are major disturbances mark them in red.

It may be that the metal frame in the furniture itself is the cause of the disturbance so check the bed, chair or sofa again, passing the compass carefully over it.”

A comment (written by a person with some dowsing experience) received by Healing Cancer Naturally shows that not everyone will be successful using the above “compass method”: “When testing the above method I was unable to move in such a way as to not already induce a slight movement of the needle at each step. Additionally I did not notice any additional movement/deflection of the needle when walking across spots I had previously determined to be water veins via normal dowsing.”

Home-Made Remedies To Reduce Geopathic Stress

Geopathic stress can influence the generations all together only because, the house might be placed on a GS zone or the sleeping positions are wrong. To avoid GS, scientists and doctors suggest that metal and plastics should be kept away of your sleeping zone. Metals distort beneficial Earth traditions and invites the noxious ones.

Try and choose the mattresses without metal springs. Switch to cotton and silks instead of synthetics. Taking small measures towards reducing GS will sure help you in avoiding serious diseases such as cancer.

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