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Genius Ways To Fight Sweat During The Summer

When the summer is on and the heat is unbearable it may be quite challenging to look sharp, with no sweat running down your face and ruining the makeup. No words needed for the clothes that sticks to your wet body and makes you feel really uncomfortable. But there are few ways to help you beat the heat and still look awesome:
Keep the makeup minimal. If you are the lucky owner of oily skin and suffer from sweating in summer, your makeup should be as light as possible in order to avoid the sad clown face by the end of the day.


The time when you put your deodorant plays also a key role in sweat control. Every second woman and man applies it in the morning, just after shower of before dressing up. The researches show that the best time for applying deodorant is night time, before you go to bed, as at this time your skin is dry and pores will absorb deodorant faster and prevent sweating the next day.


It is possible to keep your hair chick in sweaty season if you keep low on stylers, which put extra weight on your hair, making it harder and oily very fast. Secure your hair with some nonslip power or wear a cotton headband over the hairline, modern designs look very stylish and feminine!


Attractive look with black long eyelashes is an inevitable part of any basic makeup even it is minimalistic. Make sure to obtain a water proof mascara to avoid dark circles and itchiness in your eyes.


In summertime your nails will need extra layer of secure, as the sun wrecks your mani. Go for long lasting polish and add an extra topcoat to seal edges prior to working out.


In summer season your pores might look even bigger than they actually are. here the lactic-acid – based lotion comes to help you and minimize the visibility of the pores.


While all the parts of your body might sweat, your lips will stay dry. Don’t forget to apply a daily moisturizing lipstick, light with no heavy gloss for daily makeup.


If the sweat finally got you and you start to feel that first sweat drops hit the forehead and rushing down, use the makeup napkins to refresh your face. It is better to wipe it then suffer. Plus, special makeup napkins remove the shiny gloss, giving your face fresh look!

Don’t give sweat a chance to ruin your perfect summer!


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