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The Forbidden Places For Visiting Around The World

forbidden places

There are actually forbidden places on our planet, where you are not allowed to come or visit:

1 – RAF Menwith Hill. UK.


This interesting an unique complex is the biggest electronic monitoring station on the whole earth. What is its main function? To provide communication and intelligence support to UK and US. Now you know why you can’t visit it.

2 – The Bohemian Grove

The weirdest and most mysterious place ever. It is a 2,700 acre area located somewhere in California. Owned by a private San Francisco based club the Bohemian Club. It used to be visited by such notable people as Richard Nixon and Herbert Hoover. Rumors go that even now every summer there is a two week camp hold in this place, where only the most influential people gather. Plus, no women are allowed.

3 – Snake island


There is no way to get to the island, which is located just off the coast of Brazil. And honestly you will not want to be there. As you can guess from the name, the island is a home to 4, 000 deadliest snakes on the planet. The poison literally melts human flesh. It is better to stay far away from such forbidden places like this one.

4 – The Coca-Cola Vault

If you ever wondered about the original recipe of Coca Cola, it is not so easy to get. Turns out its formula is the most heavily guarded secret on the planet . There is a high tech vault to protect the recipe from curious eyes.

5 – Fort Knox

The place holds the US Gold Bullion Reserve and other national treasures. So far it has been one of the securest places on the planet. Being protected by 30, 000 soldiers along with flotilla of attack helicopters.

6 – The Svalbard Seed Vault

The vault can be found in the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, far away in the Arctic Svalbard archipelago. It holds the seeds that can be utilized in the event of catastrophic environmental disaster. Only few people can access the vault.

7  – The Vatican’s Secret Archive

It is not a simple old library. It is one of the largest and richest libraries in the whole world. Here you can find everything from ancient Maya civilization to the proofs of alien contact.

8 – Pine Gap Australia

The are is the only one in Australia which is a no-fly zone and serves as a monitoring station.

9 – The Lascaux Caves, France

The cave contains ancient paintings of 17, 000 years old, created by ancient humans and showing the animals and weird geometric shapes.

10 – The Mormon Church Secret Vault

According to reports, the area contain around 3 billion pages of data on genealogy and family history of Americans. But there are tours given sometimes, though the major part of the vault is closed.

11 – Room 39, North Korea

It is also known as Bureau 39. Secret organization whose goal is to look for the ways of owning foreign currency for Kim Jong-un. There is not too much information about this room, but rumors say that it has around 20 bank accounts in China and Switzerland which are used for illegal operations and money laundering.

12 – Mezhgorye, Russia

It is believed that Mezhgorye is a secret Russian nuclear missile site. So far it is one of the most protected areas in Russia, where the base is constantly guarded by two battalions and that’s why it is one of the forbidden places in the world.

13 – Disney Club 33

One of the most expensive clubs around the world. It has a 14 year long waiting list. If you ever want to get on the list get ready with 40, 000 $ fee. The members of it include President of the United States, actors and business leaders.

14 – Google Data-center

The king of internet has its Data Center and it is guarded as Area 51, as the place contains trillions of our data, now you know why it is among the most forbidden places in the world.

15 – Area 51

As mentioned above, this area is a military base located in Nevada, just 80 miles away from Las Vegas. It is believed that the base is working on research and development of experimental aircraft and weapon.

source: ancient-code

featured image: huffingtonpost

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