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Flashy Facts About Peacock Spider You Never Knew

Maratus Volans, or simply peacock spider belong to the jumping spider family, and though you might get an impression from pictures that it is quite big, it is not….the biggest one can reach only 0.3 inches – like a pencil eraser, though it doesn’t harm its beauty. Its jaw is so small that it can’t even bite your skin, so no need to be afraid of it.

Did you know they dance? For example, in order to impress the female peacock spider males need to have a fantastic butt and be good in shaking it. That’s why male spiders are so colourful and beautiful, and they have even a fan on its butt and a fancy dance in its repertoire. Every species has its own dance, but mostly in involves sensitive leg move and booty shaking. If the female likes the performance – the guy is good to go!

The strangest fact about this dance is that they perform not only to get laid, but also to save their own life. If a female doesn’t like the show, she won’t think twice before eating the bad dancer.
Their babies are more than just adorable, look at this cutie!

Moreover, while being on the expedition around Australia biologist Madeline Girard and Eddie Aloise King for scanning the ground for specimens of Maratus Volans, instead found two new species: male Sparklemuffin (Maratus jactacus) and the black white Skeletorus, which is very different from any other peacock spider, which brings scientists to conclusion that the group is much diverse than they expected.


source: mentalfloss

Featured Image: slappedham

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