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Clever Mashup Images Reveal How Big The Famous Objects Are In Reality

We already have a certain perception as for famous objects and buildings. We get our own vision about their sizes and shapes according to what we are shown on the TV or Internet. For example, when you think of Titanic, for sure you imagine the biggest ship if the world ever…but was it actually so big? Here are few fun and smart mashup images which will turn your world upside down:

The Death Star

Even though it doesn’t exist in reality, it is so far the biggest machine ever conceived. The approximate size of it is 99 miles across or to put it visually – 1/4th the length of Florida.

Worlds Largest oil Tanker

The biggest one ever produced was the Seawise Giant and spanned 1,504 feet. If you put this size into the New York Central Park, you can see some extra room in the front and back.

The Mir Mine

Located in Russia and is one of the deepest mines in the world. According to official data, the depth is 1, 722 feet deep. Which is the second tallest building in US – the Willis Tower.

Breathing Scorpion

If we go back to prehistoric bugs, they were way bigger than modern insects. The Breathing scorpion grew up to 24 inches which is the size of the house cat actually.

B-2 Bomber

The most advanced and expensive airplane in the world and which was considered to be unbelievably huge. So far the wingspan is just 172 feet which is 12 feet wider that NFL football field. Great mashup image!

The Titanic

The most famous cruise ship ever was 882 feet long. Since that time the shipbuilding industry went way far and if you could place Titanic on the US aircraft carrier which is 1, 092 feet long, there would be 210 feet of deck room left.

Burj Khalifa

So far it is the tallest structure in the world with a height of 2, 722 feet. If you put in New York, it would 1, 300 feet taller than the Empire State Building.

The M-1 Rocket Motor

Designed for NASA space program in 1950, it could be the biggest motor ever built enough to fully cover a Smart Car with 2 feet spare on the sides.

Radio Telescope

The title of the largest one in the world belongs to Chinese Guizhou telescope which is 1, 600 feet in diameter. Imagine it in Las Vegas, it would totally cover the Mirage, LINQ, Harrahs and a part of Venetian as well.


source: huffingtonpost

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