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Blue Latte: Vegan Coffee With No Caffeine

This new beverage has been introduced at Melbourne’s vegan Matcha Mylkbar only last Sunday but has already become extremely popular. What makes it blue? Ginger, lemon, coconut milk, agave and blue algae powder! Where is the coffee here, you ask? It is not among the ingredients unfortunately, but the blue algae is the one that makes a difference. Containing really strong antioxidant properties, the customers can’t get enough of it!

How does exactly it taste if it is latte but with no coffee inside? According to one of the customers, it has a strong seaweed type smell, thanks to the sour milk which gives a tart aftertaste as well.
Basically the blue latte tastes quite terrible and is rather expensive – 8$ per one, but people keep coming back for it. Why? Cause it looks extremely good in pictures, which everybody immediately posts on Instagram.


Australia has been known for many coffee inventions, as the country is not about the big chains like Starbucks for example. That’s why many local breweries keep creating new stuff. For example, the flat white is also Australian invention.

blue latte 2
If the price is too biting, you can try the beetroot latte or even a mushroom one.


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