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Be Aware Of The World’s Most Dangerous Roads

Sometimes traveling is not only about marvelous landscapes and a final destination. Especially if you are driving by car, you should be aware of the most dangerous roads that might wait for you ahead:

Trans-Sahara Highway

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The road of 4,500 km length is passing through the dessert and connects Algiers with Lagos. There are not too many fuel or water facilities around, so better get ready in advance. Plus the temperature varies around 50 degrees and sand storms are a usual phenomenon here.

Transfagarasan, Romania

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Beautiful road, running for around 90 km will bring you through a number of tunnels, hairpins and deserts around Carpathian mountains.

Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand

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Originally the road was built in the end of 19th century to give the miners access to a canyon, rich in gold. Now this road is a popular attraction for extreme travelers. Be aware that insurance company don’t cover the costs in case of accident, and motorists should get a permit before heading on this road.

Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China

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The road connects Chengdu and Lhasa and runs for 2,412 km, but the landscapes are worth of watching, even though there are plenty of hair rising moments.

BR-116, Brazil

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The name of the road “Rodovia da Morte” literally means the Highway of Death. The name is already enough right?

Kabul-to-Jalalabad, Afghanistan

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The road is truly adventurous and is designed for kamikaze drivers for sure, thanks to vertical drops and extremely sharp turns. Plus, don’t forget it is a Taliban territory.

Every street in Eritrea

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The small city in the horn of Africa got a weird reputation of being the country’s number one place, where the most of car accidents take place on the roads.

The A18

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The road is located between Laceby and Ludborough and is considered to have the most persistent risk to drivers. The road has been announced in 2014 as the Britain’s most dangerous road.

Zojila Pass, India

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First of all it is located on a high altitude. Add here strong winds, heavy snowfall and the narrowness, it is the scene from the scary movie.

Dalton Highway, Alaska

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The lonely road was built as a supply way to support oil transportation in Alaska. Don’t try to pass it with a regular low car as huge trucks will literally cover you with dust leaving zero visibility.

Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

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Brave drivers are in love with the view that opens while driving this road. But be careful with landslides and usual cyclones taking place in this region.

Stelvio Pass, Italy

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The concentration on this road is often broken by the astonishing Alp views, but don’t forget about 48 hairpin turns that this road consists of.

Canning Stock Route, Australia

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This is probably the most remote road and runs around 1 850 km. Get ready with food, water and petrol for three days, plus some knowledge in car repairing.

The Trans-Siberian Highway, Russia

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This 7000 miles road from Saint Petersburg will take you to Vladivostok. It is mostly a nice road, except for some parts which have been transformed into quagmire due to the hot weather.

The North Yungas, Bolivia

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The road is spectacular, especially taking into account the fact that there is two ways traffic on the 3 meter wide road. Add here a bit of fog and rain, and one wrong move can bring you to a 600 meter fall.

source: telegraph

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