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American Kennel Club Presented A New Dog Breed

Have a look at this cutie and meet the newest dog breed – Pumi! The American Kennel Club has announced on June 22, that this adorable dog has joined the 190th breed in the ranks of America’s purebred dog registry. Besides being officially recognized, the Pumi will also take part in weekly contest of Westminster Kennel Club.

The breed is originally from Hungary, but has been living in United States for the last two decades. The breed is perfect for the farming life, as the dogs are very fast, quick learners with a lot of spank and can take a really good care of goats and chicken. With such a reputation, they will hardly ever be considered the couch doggies, as according to the experts, these dogs need a lot of exercise and work out otherwise they won’t be happy.

shutterstock_443689702Csanad Kiss / Shutterstock
pumievaEva Wieselgren
shutterstock_254710534Jne Valokuvaus / Shutterstock
pumiveronicaVeronica von Fielitz
pumitheeconZsolt Czegledi
pumimatildaMatilda Kronstrand
shutterstock_200128262 Jne Valokuvaus / Shutterstock


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