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Amazing Things You Can Do At Night During Traveling!

Who told that you can admire the cities only during the day time? Fun start when the sun goes down:

Have a sauna experience in Finland, which is known for its invention! A fantastic recover after the busy day.

Have a tango lesson in Buenos Aires, Argentina. One of the passionate and romantic dance has to be danced in the tango capital of Argentina. Sign up for the lesson right now!

Watch a movie in Athens, Greece. The country is full of the antic cinemas and theaters, so why not to use a chance and see how does it feel to watch an open air movie in the ancient Greece.

Tree Camping in California. For those who got tired of regular camping, you can improve your skills and try the hanging camping just between the trees. And now imagine what kind of sunset or sunset you will admire!

Sleigh ride in British Columbia, Canada. This activity can be enjoyed both if you are with a partner or with a bunch of friends. You can even have a hot drink while riding or have a fondue meal. How romantic and fun is that?

Enjoy the night pool in Budapest. The Szechenyi Spa Bath in Budapest holds the biggest night parties in the country. If you are traveling in summer, get ready for a fun night with bikinis and loud music!

Ice skating in New York. One of the most memorable moments from all the movies is affordable for everyone of us. It might get a bit busy during the holidays season, but it is open until midnight!

Have a dinner at the Golden Bridge, San Fransisco. If you are looking for some extraordinary dinner with a view, why not to choose the cozy beach area with a perfect view on the famous Golden Bridge.

Watching the fountain light shows in Prague, Czech Republic. This fascinating show with lights and classical music can be admired from spring to autumn. The combination of the water splashes with composer’s masterpieces will leave you stunned.

The Temple Street Market, Hong Kong. The bazaar street is not just for shopping but for the shows as well: with the fortune tellers, traders and singers. You can perfectly combine your Shopaholic desires with tasting delicious foods and enjoying the show.

Enjoy the Adriatic Sea view from Budva, Montenegro. One of the most popular clubs in Balkans is the Top Hill which is located on the Toplis Hill, in the city of Budva which is full with tourists during the summer time. Besides the great music it offers a fantastic view.

Budva, Montenegro @

Have a cruise during light festival in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The city is gorgeous during the day as well as during the night, especially when the light festival is on. You can enjoy the marvelous city views together with the light works from international artists.

178 Bottles 1 Message, Amsterdam Light Festival, The

Samba in a favela, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The day tours will give you a general picture of the festival, but to get a true experience you have to visit it during the night – to watch the night samba and folk dancing which will last until the early morning.

Visit the Illuminated Niagara Falls, Canada. What do you think of enjoying the view of this tremendous waterfall while sitting on the boat and enjoying the cruise? You will be double lucky if you visit during holidays, when the fireworks are on!

See a volcano in Tenerife, Spain
The UNESCO treasure is the best place for watching the sun going down together with the mysterious stories from the local guide.

source: lifehack
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