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Aloe Vera Ice Cubes: The Best Sunburn Relief

A sunburn can happen to anybody. Unfortunately burns are not only painful, they can also damage your skin, which can cause wrinkles.
For immediate relief, turn to the power of aloe vera. Aloe vera is a perfect choice for anyone looking to treat minor burns naturally. The gel or juice in the plant has soothing and antibacterial qualities.

With the help of aloe vera ice cubes in your freezer, you’ll have a fast way to relieve little burns in short time. These cubes help speed up healing and soothe away the sting, they also draw heat away from burned skin. It relieves the pain and speeds up recovery process.

Preparing and Using the Aloe Vera Cubes:

1.Purchase aloe vera gel. Select natural aloe vera gel that contains close to 100 percent aloe vera. Some sunburn relief formulas have added ingredients, which may interfere with the freezing process.

Visit the local health food store to find a natural product. Read product labels to ensure the product you buy has the most aloe possible.

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2. Add aloe vera gel extracted from a plant. You may want to do this if you have trouble finding a store-bought gel with a high amount of aloe vera. Just take your purchased gel and combine it with whatever gel you’ve extracted from your plant.

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3. Fill each reservoir of the ice cube tray three quarters of the way with aloe gel. If you only have a limited amount of gel, consider adding a small amount of water to each reservoir to beef up each cube.

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To stretch your ice cubes further and enhance cooling, add 4 marigold flower heads that you’ve blended till smooth to your aloe gel. Marigold is a natural anti-oxidant and can heal burns and other skin irritations.

4. Allow the ice to freeze. Depending upon your freezer setting, this could take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. You’ll obtain the best results if you can freeze the cubes overnight.

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5. Apply one cube to the affected area the minute (or even before) you feel pain.Rub the cube directly over your skin till you feel numb and the cube melts. Try to work with only one or two cubes if possible, to avoid having them melt all over the place.

After that allow the burn to air dry. Once you’ve used your aloe vera cubes and treated the burn, avoid rubbing your burn with a towel. Instead, let your skin dry naturally.

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