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A New Delicious Taste Revealed: Rose Wine Chocolate

There is nothing better than a good bite of favorite delicious chocolate, either you are a fan of dark, milk, or white one, filled with nuts, raisins or liquor. It seems that nothing can surprise us anymore, but we are again wrong. A new trend is a rose wine chocolate.


This magical treat belongs to Compartes and is a white chocolate infused with rose wine and crystallized rose petals and has a very nice candy pink hue.
This chocolate is everything what the fans of wine and sweets could dream about!

The chocolate bar is only 9.95 $ and Compartes performs deliveries worldwide. This is a new invention from chocolate experts, besides that they also produce such masterpieces as Cereal, Birthday cake and even Donut flavor bars.
But keep space in the tummy for this yummy rose wine chocolate, cause it does sound delicious!


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