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8 Honey Homemade Packs You Can’t Resist Trying


Are you an admirer of home packs?

Even before all the cosmetic companies promised to make you look good, there have been home packs used by the queens and the princess to look radiant, mesmerizingly beautiful and attractive beyond words.

And, the major ingredient in the beauty and hair treatment packs involved honey. Yeah, you read that right, that healthy sweetener you add to your milk in the morning or make lemon juice with is the indispensable component of skin hair packs. Fabricated of the magical charm pursued by bees collecting pollen, resins and nectar from flowers, honey is loaded with nutrient, antioxidants and healing components. Its antioxidant property, its antibacterial attributes and its moisturizing trait make sure it’s just perfect for your tresses and your skin.

Get ready people, for the new skin you will love and the hair you would love to flaunt. Adieu to the lifeless skin you are in:

1. Honey Mask

This one is really simple. All you need is a scoop of honey. Tie your hair before applying this mask on your face. Put the honey on your hand and spread on your face. Leave it as it is, for 5-30 minutes. Simply rinse with warm water.

honey maskApply a scoop of honey on your face, leave it for 5-30 minutes and rinse with warm water

2. Facial Cleaner

Facial cleanser – you love to party. At the same time you simply allure getting all dolled up, for the event. However, the next day your skin is irritable, itchy and really dull. With the honey facial cleanser you can avoid all the above.

Simply mix honey with jojoba or coconut oil. Rub it into your skin. Do make sure to avoid the eye area. It will loosen your make up and unclog the pores. Rinse with warm water.

3. Honey Almond Body Scrub

Honey almond body scrub – it’s time to treat your body people. This scrub is amazing.

Combine 2 tsp of grounded almonds with 2 tsp of honey. The paste can be applied on your face as well as your body for exfoliating the dead skin and giving that lovely glow.

honey and almond body scrubHoney almond scrub is suitable for all skin types, apply once or twice a week

4. Honey Lotion

Indeed, with the season of winter docking in, somehow your beauty shelves are more about moisturizing lotions than any other product. Say goodbye to dry skin with this lotion.

Mix a spoonful of honey with a tsp of olive oil. Add lemon juice. Apply and leave for 20 minutes. Wipe with warm washcloth for smooth skin.

5. Facial Treatment

Cut the lemon in half. Do not forget to remove the seeds. Add 1 tsp of honey to one of the lemon halves. Then, rub with the lemon half all over your face. So simple. Let it settle for 5 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

6. Hair Conditioner

For lovely tresses – this is to be done after shampooing. It is promising conditioner.

A spoonful of honey is required to be mixed with quarter of warm water. Leave for an hour, then rinse.

7. Hot Bath

Pamper yourself- have the hot bath ready for you. Combine one-fourth cup honey with 2 cups of milk and some drops of essential oil. Drop this into the hot bath. Sit back and relax the glowing you are just a bath away!

8. Exfoliate

Combine 2 part honey and 1 part of baking soda to make a scrub. Rub into your face. Utilize this scrub once a week.

So, next time you are on the way to the grocery store, make sure to update your list with honey!

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