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4 Interesting Facts Facebook Learned From Your Relationship Status

Facebook  holds a lot of information about its users, and its Data Science team conducts large scale, quantitative research to gain deeper insights into how people interact with each other and with their world. Back into 2014 the company had revealed series of studies regarding the topic of love.

While there are obvious and expected things, like couples tend to get married within their religion and culture, some of the data is very unusual. Find out what Facebook learned about us by looking at our relationship status:

The age difference between same-sex couples is larger

In male and female couples the tendency is that a man is slightly older, approximately 2.4 years. But when it comes to same sex couples, the age gap tends to be wider and averagely reaches 8-9 years at points.

People break up in summer


You found your boyfriend and girlfriend and decided to make it official by posting it on Facebook. How long will you stay together? According to Facebook, everything depends on how long you have been already together. The longer you have, the lower is the probability of break up, which is absolutely normal. But there is a very strange tendency as for the timing of the break ups, where summer is on top of the list. Maybe due to the economic situation, or because summer is the time for parties and vacations, but winter seems to be much stable season for couples.

The best place for getting into relationship hides in Colorado Springs


According to Facebook data, Colorado Springs looks like the best place for singles to look for the match. And it doesn’t mean that the number of single people here is higher than anywhere else. Cities that had the most single people (Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and Memphis) also had low rates of relationship formation, while Colorado Springs had the highest rate of relationship formation.

Mike Develin, Facebook data scientist made a following conclusion: ” in a city where everyone is paired up, the incentive to pair up is even stronger, while cities like New York and Miami are places that people go to be single.”

Getting dumped can kick start your Facebook interactions


It turns out that people who have been dating for a while and suddenly changed their status into “single” tended to exchange posts, messages and comments much actively exactly on the day of breakup. Friends you have on Facebook might not be the best ones, but they will be there for you when you need a boost of support, at least with a cheering post or a comment.

source: mentalfloss

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