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13 Scientifically Proven Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive

13 Scientifically Proven Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive

Contrary to popular belief, attraction is not so much a choice as it is a natural basic instinct. According to numerous different studies conducted throughout the last century, it’s actually possible to take advantage of a  man’s biological desires, or in other words, trick him into falling in love with you. The fact that there are scientifically proven ways to gain the attention of a man, without him even realizing it, comes as especially relieving news. The works if you want be more attractive to women.

Being attractive is not only about your physical appearance, there is much more than that. It depends how you carry yourself, people you hang out with and the way you talk to people. If you’ve always wondered how to  increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex, or are just plain curious about nature’s biological laws of attraction, read further:

1. Be funny

According to one study, women are more attracted to men who can make them laugh. Experiment results showed that those men who were funny with their jokes were more likely to get the number from the women. Such men were also rated more attractive and intelligent.

2. Surround yourself with friends

According to the study conducted with group pictures and portrays, it turns out that people look more attractive when they are in a group, rather than solo. “Having a few wingmen or wingwomen may indeed be a good dating strategy, particularly if their facial features complement and average out one’s unattractive idiosyncrasies,” study authors Drew Walker and Edward Vul write.

3. Skip the small talk

Study from 1997 showed that people who started conversation with superficial topics were less attractive comparing to those who asked deeper questions, as such people felt more connected instantly.

4. Be a leader

Scientists revealed that people consider the leader of their own group way more attractive that did people who didn’t belong to that group. So show your leadership skills.

5. Smile more

Researchers from Switzerland checked the connection between relationship and smile, and results showed that the stronger the smile, the more attractive a face looked.

6. Own a dog

As a result of experiment conducted back in 2014, men who were owning a pet appeared to be capable of making long term relationship comparing to those who didn’t have a dog. Plus having a dog by your side makes you more approachable and relaxed.

7. Be nice

When people hear from the others how nice somebody is , they immediately find the face more attractive and appealing.

8. Live in a high-status place

One study demonstrated the difference between neutral-status and high-status apartment. Men from high -status apartments got higher attractiveness rating among women.

9. Play good music

1500 women were asked to listen to simple and complex music in one study and rate both the music and composer. Results showed that women gave preference to more complex music and would choose a composer of this music for a possible future partner.

10. Date somebody who is pleasant

It is a so called “mate-choice copying” affect, which describes a phenomenon when women like other women’s boyfriends. But study shows that like him only in that case if he is kind.

11. Cultivate mindfulness

The speed-dating session showed that mindful men got higher attractiveness rating from women. It might be caused by the fact that such men managed to be more attentive during such short interactions.

12. Play extreme sports

Study conducted by researchers from Alaska found out that women are more attracted to men who are so called “hunter-gatherer risks”, which include such kinds of activities as: deep sea scuba diving, mountain biking or extreme roller blading.

13. Wear red

University of Rochester researchers showed that men are more attracted to women wearing red outfit, and they were more likely to want to date them. But this preference may be largely subconscious.

source: uk.businessinsider

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