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13 Alarming Signs Of Protein Deficiency

Since, childhood you must have heard the elders’ time and again imparting knowledge with respect to the proper intake of protein. However, as you grew up, there is a probability that has associated protein with good muscles built up, and hence started taking a lot of it. Well, in case of protein consuming a lot and very little both are dangerous. It is best to consult with your dietician considering the amount of protein which you require in accordance with your age, weight, and muscle mass and current state of health.

As of now, here are 13 ill effects of not consuming enough protein:

1.Weight loss

– if you feel that are losing weight, it may be due to protein deficiency. So, there is Kwashiorkor, when you consume little protein, but enough calories and there is Maramus, where both your protein and calorie consumption is low. Both are bad for your health.


2. Muscle weakness

– Sarcopenia is a common occurrence in middle aged men if you do not get enough protein in your diet, associated with loss of muscle mass.

3. Swelling

-protein aids in resisting fluid from accumulating in tissues of the feet and ankles specially. However, with a low protein diet, there is a probability of Edema, which in turn is associated with swelling.

4. Low blood pressure and low heart rate

-protein deficiency leads to an ill impact on a plethora of other functions in your body. The acumen is that the nutrient is not reaching the vital tissues. This in turn leads to low blood pressure and low heart rate.


5. Malabsorption of nutrient

– deficiency of protein sources implies an immense problem with absorption of nutrients like iron, zinc, niacin and calcium.

6. Liver problems

– the liver diseases are most of the instances associated with protein deficiency. Without the perfect dosage of protein, it becomes difficult to remove lipids from liver thus leading to liver problems.


7. Anemia

– anemia is associated with protein deficiency. When, your body is not properly nourished with protein, you will lack Vitamin B-12 and folate. This aids in the condition which inhibits your body to produce enough RBCs.

8. Immunity

-since, immune cells are made of protein; lack of protein in your diet has a direct impact on immunity.

9. Craving for food

-protein, low diet results in craving for snacks in between meals. So, constant food craving and increased hunger can be a result of diet which lacks enough protein.


10. Pains

– if you are experiencing muscle or joint pain every now and then, it may imply breaking down of muscle or joint fluid to supplement calories. In here, instead of protein fabricating muscles, tissues and cells, the same is pursued with the aid of fluid of muscle or joint.

11. Recovery is slow

-due to the lack of protein that it becomes really tedious for your body to heal or rebuild new cells, tissues or skin.

12. Hair, skin and nail trouble

– if you suddenly start experiencing thinning of hair, ridges in your nails or peeling of your skin, it can be due to protein deficiency.


13. Brain fog

-if you experience any sort of brain fog, it may be due to protein deficiency.

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