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10 Surprising Benefits Of Banana Peels

Sounds weird, right? But actually, it’s not! Bananas are a healthy fruit with a uniquely filling quality, but their benefits don’t just stop in its nutritional value. The peel has plenty of unusual uses your for body and health.  

The banana peel, like coffee grounds, tea bags, and orange peels has a lot of beneficial qualities that’ll make you think twice the next time you toss it in the trash.

We’ve gathered 10 of the best banana peel uses for you to try:

1. Headache

Thanks to being a great source of potassium which can relieve headache, banana peel is an effective treatment. Just put the peel on your forehead or at the back of your neck.


banana-peels-4image source (Image Source)

Massage the inner side of banana on your warts, wrap with a bandage and leave for the night. If you use this remedy on regular basis, your warts will disappear very soon.

3. Psoriasis

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Banana peel can hydrate your skin, which in its turn relieves the itchiness caused by psoriasis. Apply the peel once or twice per day and the disease will disappear in no time.

4. Itches and rash

Applying banana peel on the affected area of the skin will eliminate the rush in no time.

5. Teeth whitening

banana-peel-teethimage source (Image Source)

During few weeks rub your teeth with banana peel and they will become much whiter.

 6. Hemorrhoids treatment

Rubbing banana peel for 5 minutes 5 times per day on the affected area will make you feel much better and relieved.

7. Bug bites

banana-peel-bug-bite-1image source (Image Source)

Applying banana peel on the bug bite eliminated the itchiness.

8. Acne

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You can even treat acne with banana peel, by rubbing the peel on the areas affected with acne, and it will calm down the inflammation and irritation.

9. Bruises

It turns out that banana peels have incredible regenerative properties which speed up the healing process of bruises.

10. Natural polisher

banana-peels-5image source (Image Source)

If you run out of your usual polisher, rub a banana peel on your kitchen utensils, shoes and even furniture. It will make the items look shiny and nice!

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