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10 Pitfalls Which Instigate You Are In A Dead Relationship

Being in love is the most beautiful feeling. But, do you know what the worst feeling in this wide world is? Well, it is to be in a one-sided relationship. Relationships need two people to beget love, behold care and multiply happiness. When, there is only one, it is not a relationship worth your time and emotions.

You are a wonderful person. And you deserve love and lots of it. If you are in some relation who is not reflecting the same, it is better to move on.

In order to aid you in the decision, here are 10 signs which instigate the truth of your relation:

I. Your partner does not want to change-whether you are in for a dinner date, a new menu or something fun in bed, your partner always wants to stick to the routine.
II. You are the only planner- romance, date nights, movie nights, occasions; it is you who plan everything. And, even when you have planned everything from the scratch he or she does not get involved or indulge in the celebration. Waste of your time, your energy and your emotions.
III. Gestures need to be asked for – a flower on a special occasion, a morning kiss, a cup of coffee, a compliment- if you are asking for these, believe it you deserve better. These cannot be taken for granted.
IV. Signs of affection – a caress, a cuddle, a peck on the forehead, holding hands! If these are not happening, it is instigation enough that the love between you two is fading.
V. Lack of sexual interest – In a loving relationship, sex should be affectionate. It should be more than routine affair. It is for a reason that it is called making love. If you feel like a robot or experience mundane doing it, you know better what to do by now!

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VI. You are for granted – leave about the gestures which should be put up with them, you too are taken for granted by them. You gestures have no implication in their life. So, when you brought a new shirt, a nice dress, or a new brand of perfume it went unnoticed. Again, your kissing on her forehead or making a favorite dish goes in vain.
VII. No quality time- you two are sitting on the couch watching the same movie or television series, but your partner seems uninterested. It is only you are trying to make contact, eye contact, or skin contact. And, there is no answer from the other end.
VIII. Bad habits – your partner is developing bad habits. You do not like smoking, drugs or spending too much money. He or she has no regards to what you like or not.
IX. Happiness is just a term- if you don’t feel happiness with your partner. It is best to leave him or her. Happiness should be a feeling both of you experience and not which you should aspire for! It should come naturally!
X. Broken trust – this is the ace issue. No trust, no relationship.
If you can relate to the above, you are in a dead relationship, it is better to pave a new beginning!

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