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10 Most Expensive Paintings In History

The records of the most expensive art pieces have been set up by wealthy buyers from China and Gulf, who managed to catch the most significant masterpieces in the last few years. And even the popular painting of Pablo Picasso – Les Femmes d’Alger, sold for 179$ million in New York can’t beat the most expensive paintings and occupies only the fourth place in this list. Here are the ten most expensive art pieces ever sold in history:

1  – Paul Gauguin, When Will You Marry – 300$ m


So far the first place belongs to the Tahitian girls depicted in Gauguin’s painting from 1982. Now the piece belongs to Qatar, who bought the canvas from a Swiss collector in February for around 300$ million.

2 – Paul Cezanne – The Card Players, 274$ m

The painting was bought in 2011 and at that time occupied the first place in the list. This is one of the major Western works, featuring two stony – faced card players. The artist chose the models by himself from his family’s estate: the farm hand and the gardener.

3 – Mark Rothko Violet, Green and Red – 186$ m


A Russian billionaire, Dmitry Ryboloblev paid 186$ millions for the painting, setting up a record for a work crafted by American painter. But now there is a legal dispute about the price for the painting.

4 – Pablo Picasso, Les Femmes d’Alger – 179$ m


The artist created a whole series of Les Femmes d’Algers, consisting of 15 variations of the painting, inspired by the French master Eugene Delacroix, who used to paint The Women of Algiers in their apartment back in 1834.

5 – Jackson Pollock, 1948 – 165$m

The owner of the painting is David Martinez, who bought the 8 foot by 4 foot piece of fiberboard, covered with multiple dips of yellow and brown colors from David Geffen. But later on Mr Martinez’s law company claimed that he didn’t own the piece.

6 – Willem de Kooning, Woman Ill- 162$m

Another work sold by David Geffen in 2006 and Steven Cohen was the one who bought it. The painting is the third one in the series of six paintings, crafted by Kooning, who used to be an abstract expressionist. The masterpiece was created between 1951 and 1953.

7 – Pablo Picasso, Le Reve – 158$m

Steven Cohen, one of the biggest Wall Street’s art collectors managed to snap this masterpiece as well. The whole deal took place in 2006, but the owner of the painting Steve Wynn had accidentally put his elbow through the canvas due to his failing eyesight. The masterpiece was finally sold after a total repair.

8 – Gustav Klimt, Portrait of Adele Block-Bauer I- 158$m

Ronald Lauder set a record in 2006 by paying such a price for the gold -flecked portrait. The story of the painting is really breathtaking – seized by Nazis during the Second World War and returned by the owner’s niece in her eighties was captured even in the movie – Woman in Gold, with Helen Mirren.

9 –  Vincent van Gogh, Portrait of Dr Gachet – 152$ m

The painting of the medic who took care of the artist in his final months bit all the records when it was sold in 1990. The Tokyo art dealer was the one who bought the masterpiece on behalf of Japanese industrialist Ryoei Saito. But Saito unfortunately finished his life in debt and the painting disappeared, even now nobody knows where it is .

10 – Francis Bacon, Three studies of Lucian Freud – 145$m

The painting was made back in 1969 and features Bacon’s friend Lucian Freud. The painting still holds the current auction record after being sold at Christi’s New York in 2013.

source: telegraph

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