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10 Easy Ways To Get Richer In 2017

“I do want to become rich but I never want to do what there is to do to get rich.” We do tend to think that if we work hard we will become rich one day. Such thoughts especially come to us before the New year, when you feel inspired and motivated to start the year in a new way. Besides the wish to get more healthy lifestyle, loose weight, find a partner, change the job, getting rich is almost on every resolution list.

Here are few ways to get rich in the shortest time and make that dream come true in 2017:

1. Side-hustle like a pro.

Have you ever thought about getting paid for fiddling your phone or using Instagram account as your additional cash source? Sites like TaskRabbit make it pretty easy to find low-to-medium skill gigs, some of which can pay as high as  $48  an hour, according to some reports. Companies like Jobbler and Upwork are also building on the model, and branching into more complicated — and higher-paying — jobs as well.  More creative people can try their skills on Etsy.

2. Get a higher credit score.

Bad credit can cost you tons of money and by improving your score you can actually save tens of thousands of dollars in some time. The best way to improve the score is of course by paying your bills on time. By taking advantage of the three free  credit  reports  you’re entitled to each year (that’s right —  three, not just one!) you can increase the odds of catching one of these costly errors. Another helpful trick? Try to negotiate a slightly higher  credit  limit from your card company — and then keep spending the same amount, or less, each month.

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3. Use such tax efficient moves like A HSAs, FSAs, deductions and Roth IRAs.

It will definitely take your time to learn about perks and tricks of the workplace, like flexible saving accounts or health savings accounts. The basic gist of both HSA and FSAs is essentially the same, you set up an arrangement with your employer to have part of your pre-tax paycheck deducted into a special account for medical expenses. This reduces your taxable income and saves you money: the average FSA-user  saves about a third  on their medical costs over the course of a year.

You’d be surprised by what counts as an FSA medical expense: Sunscreen, Lasik, pregnancy tests and transport to the doctor’s office all  make the list.

4. Think of your age.

It is all about self awareness. Of course if you are in your 20-s you don’t really think of the big life insurance plan or set up a fund for a kid you didn’t even plan yet. One of the most common rules says that by 30 you should have about one time your salary saved, and two times your annual income by 35.

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5. Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Even if it is a scary landlord. Remember one thing, that if you don’t ask, you don’t get. However if you got tired of paying check every single month, it is time to consider getting your own house. Just make sure not to end up with more debts than ever.

6. Automate building wealth.

Have a look at your bank account and don’t get embarrassed if it is still low in spite of your recent raise. It is not your fault, it might be the lifestyle inflation: when you earn more – you tend to spend also more. In order to change the situation, consider the best high-interest saving account, which is totally free money.

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7. Set up a low-cost investing account.

Investment vehicles like exchange traded funds even let you buy little baskets of stocks — as opposed to going whole hog on a single company — which means you can get a “diversified investment,” for as little as around  $200 a share. Diversification is a smart way to  hedge riskier bets  as you build wealth.

8. Don’t pay full-price for airfare.

Before rushing into your next vacation, make a homework, by checking the cities where the airfares are on discount already. Don’t forget to use the applications and tools which tell you exactly the best time when to book your flight.

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9. Maximize freebies.

If there is a free alternative, it doesn’t make sense to pay extra. But did you know there’s a way to effectively get stuff like lotto tickets for free — plus earn interest, even if you don’t win? If that sounds intriguing, check out  Mic’s handy guide to “prize-linked savings accounts” and other  things you can get for free. Never pay for  condoms, language classes or  credit  reports ever again.

10. Take a vacation.

It turns out that those people who request more time off tend to get paid more. Plus, if you plan your vacation ahead of time, 94% of vacations lead to positive return on investement, meaning that your company can benefit too. Even freelancers can benefit from a healthier attitude about vacation — despite the obvious roadblocks: tt’s  hard to take time off  when you’re a one-man or one-woman shop.

The key for all workers, full-time or not, is wringing more out of the hours you work by taking your productivity up a notch. That clears time for vacay.

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