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10 Amazing Incidents Which Show The Superiority Of Mind Over Body

10 Amazing Incidents Which Show The Superiority Of Mind Over Body

The mind is everything. What you think you become.


We might often think that our mind and body are independent from each other, but this is far from the actual truth.  It is much more connected then what we might know. There is a large amount of evidence present for the researchers suggesting that the brain is able to manipulate the physiology of our body to a large extent. Here are some examples of such cases –

Drying Sheets

tummoTummo, meaning inner fire is a Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice that allows the practitioner to enter into a deep state of meditation. Image

– As they can meditate for hours, survive without food for many days and also their long vows of being silent, we can easily guess that the Tibetan Monks are able to control their body and minds efficiently. In one such experiment conducted by scientists, when cold wets sheets were place on the body of a few such monks, rather than shivering they were able to generate body heat which dried the sheets completely.

Multiple Personality Disorder



– For many, it is fascinating how few people suffering from the multiple personality disorder seem to exhibit not only different behavior as well as personality which changes as their identity changes but also many measurable physiological changes as they switch between various persona.

Placebo Effect

placebo-tabletThe placebo effect happens when you decide a therapy will make you better and your belief makes it so.

– Throughout the medical world it is widely known that the placebo variable is administered in many medical tests to prove that sometimes a drug might not work on its own merit rather it might work because people think it works.

Nocebo Effect

goals_approach_avoidanceThe nocebo effect is when a negative expectation of a phenomenon causes it to have a more negative effect than it otherwise would.

– As placebos generally tend to be related with positive outcomes, nocebo effect creates negative outcomes. Examples of such incidents would be a cancer patient who starts vomiting just before chemotherapy or a person develops a rash as a result of touching poison ivy when in fact it was an ordinary plant

Dreams which cause real injuries

o-violent-dreams-sleeps-facebookimage source (Image Source)

– Lots of stories are circulated which state that many people, when they experience any sort of injuries in their dream, they are able to find real and physical proof of wounds on their body after they wake up.

Yogis who can almost stop their Beat

yogiLeft:Paramahansa Yogananda, Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0/Right:Yogi Swami Sacchidananda, Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

– Similar to the Tibetan monks, Indian Yogis have the capability to manipulate their various physiological processes whenever they are in deep meditation. These mainly include slowing down their heartbeat to a large extent.

Sports Visualization


– A lot of athletes claim that when they play the game, before stepping into the field, in their minds they are able to perform better. Though we might think that this enable only to increase the focus on the game, in reality there would even be physiological changes occurring in the body.

Block out the Pain

burned-out-psychic-pain-bullying-disease-burnout-991329Studies suggest if you're in pain, you may be able to harness your thoughts to help fight it.

– A Jewish writer, Jack Schwarz who suffered in the concentration camps of the Nazis during World War II was able to pray and meditate so that he was successful in blocking out all the pain he was subjected to and withstand each and every physical abuse.



– Though it is very difficult to stay positive in the face of adversities like life – threatening diseases, but based on their researches scientists have observed that being positive would be the difference between life and death.

Promotes Loss of weight


– Though a large number of people are putting in efforts to lose weight, still there are a lot more obese and overweight people present in the world than ever. Researchers have the opinion that a positive mindset is the sole reason responsible for people not losing their weight and remaining chubby.

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