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We Made Contact: Carl Sagan’s Legendary Message To Aliens

We Made Contact: Carl Sagan’s Legendary Message To Aliens

In 1974, the most powerful broadcast ever deliberately beamed into space was made from Puerto Rico.

The idea to send a message into outer space belongs to astrophysicist Frank Drake and Carl Sagan was recruited to help write and format it.

Drake, Sagan, and others developed a message to be broadcast by the Arecibo radio telescope, using a mathematical scheme they hoped could be decoded by an alien civilization. The message itself consisted of just 1,679 binary digits (1’s and 0’s). The digits were broadcast one per second, on November 16, 1974. The telescope was pointed at the M13 cluster, some 25,000 light years away. The broadcast was never repeated – hopefully someone will be listening when the message arrives in deep space (for what it’s worth, by the time 25,000 years pass, M13 will no longer be where it was when we sent the message – so our transmission will miss whoever lives there).

We Made Contact: Carl Sagan’s Legendary Message To AliensArecibo radio telescope dish to the left is the largest in the world. (Image Source)
We Made Contact: Carl Sagan’s Legendary Message To AliensLeft:A colourised mosaic showing the Arecibo message. (The original was transmitted as a series of 1s and 0s, so a black-and-white image is more appropriate, but less readable). Right:A colourised mosaic of the "answer". Again, a black-and-white mosaic would be more appropriate, but less readable, as the "answer" was made by flattening squares of crops.

The Response

27 years later, in 2001, the crop circle phenomenon gained some well-deserved attention when a pattern in the form of a response to the 1974 broadcast appeared right next to Britain’s largest telescope, the Chilbolton, and observatory, home to the world’s largest fully steerable meteorological radar. It’s one of the most amazing crop circles to ever appear, regardless of whether you believe it was done by human beings or an extraterrestrial intelligence.

We Made Contact: Carl Sagan’s Legendary Message To AliensCrop Circles displaying a face. Image by Lucy Pringle (Image Source)

Above is a picture of what seems to be the response to the message sent out in 1974 by NASA (see cover photo). The message describes a different solar system, an image of the sender (just like on the original NASA message), non-human DNA, and a microwave antenna instead of the radio-wave antenna that was depicted in ours.

We Made Contact: Carl Sagan’s Legendary Message To Aliens “Crop formations", glyphs, or templates are by Aliens - Extraterrestrial Life. (Image Source)

A simple Google search would suffice if you want to see more pictures. It was written off as a hoax, like most crop circles are within the mainstream.

The face you see there appeared three days before the rectangular image. The face represented a new technique in crop circle generation, a screen technique that is also used for printing a face on a piece of paper.

What’s also interesting to note is the fact that the microwave antenna signal in this crop circle also appeared a year earlier in the exact same field.

Crop Circles Phenomenon 

Not many of us know the fact that crop circles occur all over the world. Some of the designs are so intricate and elaborate that they surprised the researchers and onlookers including the scientists. Aliens use different methods to create crop circles. Many designs are created by electrostatically charging with nodes of plant stalks.

We Made Contact: Carl Sagan’s Legendary Message To AliensAlien Template received in the year 2000 depicting crop formation (Image Source)

When the plant stems are loaded, they come out from one side. Some crop circles contain foreign magnetic particles while there are some with highly localized microwave heat. The heat causes the water inside the plants to evaporate and dislodge them from their current position. The plant then topples over to one side to create the desired design.

Some physicists are of the opinion that the extraterrestrials use GPS devices, lasers and microwaves to create these geometric forms. Some scientists think that these crop circles are created by humans. If the circle makers are humans, then we certainly need to look for an artistic group of people with tremendous resources and skills.


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