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Total Solar Eclipse: The Sun Is Set To Disappear In August 2017

solar eclipse

The sun will disappear and you have exactly ten months to get ready for it. According to Discovery magazine the date of 21 August 2017 will be the most popular vacation day request in history. The reason is very simple: for the first time in the last 99 years, a total eclipse of the sun is going to be visible across the United States. Millions of Americans will easily see the spectacle, which was described as unforgettable and even life-alerting. The sun will disappear for about 2½ minutes, beginning in Oregon about 10:15 a.m. local time; the phenomenon will move eastward, ending an hour and a half later in South Carolina.  Between this time range, the eclipse will be still visible from Grand Teton and the Great Smoky Mountains national parks, from St. Louis and Kansas City and Charleston, S.C., and all points in between.


The last time the total eclipse was visible from coast to coast happened on June 8, 1918 and it was mentioned in all newspaper’s front-pages. The chief editor of Discovery magazine, Michael E. Bakich is pretty serious when he is talking about planning this event. Because if you fail planning, you can simply miss the one in a lifetime opportunity. Even now, the hotels along 50-70 mile wide range have been already booked since May.

If you plan to watch sun eclipse get also ready with such items as:

  1. Eclipse glasses – you may purchase the lenses made with optical Mylae for few dollars only, or opt for the welder’s glasses instead.
  2. Find somebody who has a solar telescope to get the best view.
  3. While watching the eclipse don’t forget to tear your eyes away from the sun and turn around, because you will see the painterly colors of 360-degree sunset.
solar-eclipseimage source (Image Source)

Even if you are in the lower forty-eight, you will still manage to see eclipse, though partial one. But many passionate bloggers advise to take a map and find a spot where eclipse will be in total to get the best picture of the phenomenon.


source: independent; featured image source

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