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New Hubble Image Shows The Heart Beating Of The Crab Nebula

When it comes to space, aging goes a bit different here, that’s why the spectacular nebula which is less than a thousand years old is considered to be an infant here. But what makes it special is the fact that this celestial object contains a pulsing neutron star just in its center. And the new images done by Hubble Space Telescope show the nebula in all its powerful glory.

This active cosmic cloud was born as a result of explosion of the Crab star in 1054 CE. The explosion was so bright and massive that could be seen by people on Earth. Chinese and Japanese astronomers managed to catch the whole process and watched the remains after explosion until they just faded from their sight.
Though the bulk from the Crab start blew into the stellar dust tts core managed to survive and turned into a dense body which is called – neutron star with the same mass as our Sun, and is crammed into sphere about 20 km across. The speed of its whirling is breathtaking, plus every 33 seconds it makes a pulse.

The new Hubble image captured the intense action and the whole picture consists of three high resolution images , while each has different color and was taken about 10 years apart. You can see the neutron star – the rightest one from two bright stars in the main picture and the beams of energy it makes. The shining debris you see was created after the explosion and the bright blue color is the result of electrons whizzing through the neutron star magnetic field.

If you want to see the Crab by yourself, grab the pair of very strong binoculars, find the spot with clear dark sky and look just in between the horns of Taurus constellation.


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