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NASA Rover Discovers A Huge Spoon On The Surface Of Mars

UFO hunters claim they have found another proof of the alien life on red planet – a spoon. The image from NASA rover shows a huge utensil on the sand-like surface of Mars.

This is already the second spoon discovered on the surface, besides other objects like rings and gloves which can be an evidence of some kind of lost civilization. The new utensil was found by YouTube channel UFO Hunter in a NASA image taken by the Curiosity Rover droid which explores the surface of Mars.


While many of the UFO hunters see it as another indication of possible alien life present on Mars, NASA, and other scientists say they are nothing more than optical illusions and wishful thinking.

NASA says its rovers have yet to find any evidence of even the most simplistic forms of life. The spoon and other finds, it says, are the results of pareidolia. But are they?

source: dailymail

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