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Arrive To Mars In Just 37 Hours On Board The Solar Express

A new space train Solar Express is actually faster than the usual train and is able to carry both humans and material to the mysterious Mars and not only in the matter of hours. The most outstanding feature about it is that it has a never ending high speed route, which means that it never even slows down.


According to Charles Bombardier from Imaginactive, which is a nonprofit organization focusing on inspiring future generations on creating the future mobility, that the most expensive part of traveling in space is the acceleration and deceleration phases. Therefore he created a special project and concept showing the possibility of the future. In order to make such space train run you need a huge amount of energy. The speed of a space train could be around 3000 km/s and thanks to the huge solar arrays located along the train paths , the solar energy could be captured and transferred by laser to supercapacitors. And once the train achieves its cruising speed, the consumption of the energy would be minimal. This is what lies behind the concept of Solar Express.

Such a space city would also have artificial gravity inside, so people could live there and walk normally during long months of traveling.
The destinations of such space ships could be also different, along with prices. While some of the space trains could make large loops between remote planets, the others could commute smaller destinations.

According to Bombardier, the first ship would transfer cargo and travelers between Earth and the Moon in just seven hours, which sounds totally crazy. And Mars would be the next destination.


Arrive To Mars In Just 37 Hours On Board The Solar Express
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