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Amazing Events Which Changed Our Space History

The first American astronaut John Glenn passed away last week at the age of 95 on December 8. An astronaut, a marine, a combat pilot and also a former senator of Ohio, John was a multi-talented man who even was the oldest man at the age of 77 to go to space. His legacy, courage and bravery along with his awesome bad ass attitude will be remembered by generations to come. As a tribute to that great man we present to you some of the most entertaining facts about our space history.

Alexei Leonov, the first man to survive in space outside his ship –Though the Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin was the first human being in outer space in fact it was Alexei Leonov who stepped out of his shuttle for the first time in human history ever. Leonov with his fellow astronaut Pavel Belyayev took the Voskhod 2 shuttle out into the Low-Earth orbit where Leonov opened the hatch of the shuttle. The first spacewalk ever in the history happened as Leonov floated around in space for 12 minutes. Albeit just to try and see what would happen.


Scott, Irwin and Worden, the first porn smugglers in space –as a part of the backup crew of the Apollo12 mission Scott, Irwin, and Worden went on only the second manned mission which went to the moon. Their main goal was to look over the lunar module and be able to deploy successfully the Package of Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments.  The astronauts also had to maintain a checklist to keep a track of those things which was attached to their wrists. That was the moment when porn was discovered by the main team. Between the pages of the checklists there were four spreads of the Playboy magazine tucked in neatly by the backup crew.


Gene Roddenberry, first person buried in space – Roddenberry, the man who created Star Trek was not only a filmmaker but also flew missions for Army during WWII and earned lots of bravery medals. To honor his life and achievements his cremated remains were sent into space and in the process making him the first man to be cremated in space. On the date of April 21, 1997 a part of his cremated remains was carried into space by the rocket named Pegasus.


Buzz Aldrin, first astronaut to throw a punch – Edwin Aldrin who was the second man in the history to step on the moon was previously a fighter pilot. He is not the kind of person with whom you would mess as he punched a guy name Bart Sibrel flush on his jaw for calling him a coward.


Tsibliev, Lazutkin and Foale, lived on a dead space station – USSR built the first ever space station called Mir. But it had outlived its life because its supply missions went totally wrong. As the automatic docking system did not work, a collision took place which caused the entire station to die. These three brave men then had to spendmore than30 hours in that dead aluminum box. They had to constantly wave paper just to make sure that the carbon dioxide which they breathed out did no exceed the limit and kill them.

With our President Obama and Elon Musk trying to have manned Mars missions within 15 years, we can hope to see much many heroic incidents like this making our space history even more admiring. Until then let’s pay homage to these awesome human beings.

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