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Alien Megastructure: Dimming Star Portrays Similar Behavior

Alien Megastructure: Dimming Star Portrays Similar Behavior

Look up at the sky, and you will find millions of stars. It is just so fascinating thinking about them, reading about them, knowing their names and some unusual phenomenon portrayed by them.

Have you heard about the Tabby’s star? Or, have you read about the dimming light of the same? Well, if you haven’t first and foremost, it becomes imperative to the understanding of this write up, to let you know about it.

The Tabby’s star was the first star in the recent times, which showed a light dimming behavior. Back then; this star was called KIC 8462852. The astronomer Jason Wright mentioned about the acumen for the dimming light of the star to be associated with the “swarm of megastructures”.

And, now a similar pattern is visible with a RIK-210 star. Generally the rule pertaining to the same is that a planet or some other similar smaller body could be orbiting around the star making its light dim. However, just like the case of Tabby’s star, there could not be found any body to transit around the RIK-210.

Alien Megastructure: Dimming Star Portrays Similar BehaviorStar KIC 8462852 in infrared (2MASS survey) and ultraviolet (GALEX)

What does the research paper say about the RIK-210?

In accordance with the research paper, there cannot be any alien mega structure transiting around the star. In fact, the other more likely explanation could be the cloud of particles which are captured owing to the magnetic field of stars.

However, when talking in intergalactic terms, RIK-210 is nestled quite near to the Earth. It is almost 427 light years from Earth. But, yet again, the Milky Way alone spans about 100,000 light years. Hence, observation is a tad bit tedious. The research team is still unsure with regards to the fact, that a cloud in the magnetosphere could be the real acumen.

What does the analysis of the researchers instigate?

The analysis of the researchers has negated on some imperative pointers:-

  • There cannot be a second star orbiting it in the binary system.
  • There has not been found the presence of any brown dwarf.
  • There is no presence of any sort of a planet orbiting it.

Hence, further testing is the need to come to a conclusion.

A simple explanation is that there are a lot of chances that the cause is related to a cloud within the magnetosphere. The likelihood of the same is probable since, a magnetically trapped cloud would rotate at the same speed as the star. And, yet again the confusion has persisted since, the magnetosphere cannot “readily account for the sub-percent dimming seen elsewhere in the light curve that are not in phase with the stellar rotation.”

The NASA’s Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence budget is ensuring that the jury is still trying to find out the investigation pertaining to the Tabby’s star. Just like RIK-210, there is blockage of light due to some unknown material around the star.

Immense research, study and analysis are still to be done on the same. As for present, the star continues to dim its light as you read the write up.

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