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A New Object Has Been Discovered Near Neptune

Thanks to the numerous space studies that are being very active nowadays, people realize more and more how many things we don’t know about our solar system. The recent discovery by astronomers is the mysterious object by Neptune, which doesn’t move through space, as scientists would expect it to do. What is even more weird is that the trans-Neptunium object – TNO is actually moving backwards around the sun, which makes all the scientists kind of bewildered.

The object was discovered by a team of astronomers in Hawaii by using the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System 1 Survey. The already gave a name to the object – “Niku”, which from Chinese translates as “rebellious”. The movement of the object is so weird due to the angular momentum which is the one that dictates the objects to move in the same direction. Except for Niku, which is moving backwards and also upwards, which makes astronomers really astonished. They don’t know yet what exactly bumped the TNO and at first were thinking that it might be related to the Planet Nine, another weird object which is further than Neptune. But the theory is not good enough, as Niku is too close to the solar system to be really influenced by that Planet.

So far, there is something more in the solar system which we are not aware of and which is responsible for such weird movements and objects.


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