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What Trash Can Turn Into In The Hands Of An Artist

Whatever we throw away can actually be transformed into something unique and extraordinary, the only thing we need is a touch of creativity and inspiration, like Stuart Haygarth has. The artist made a walk from Kent to Land’s End, collecting all the trash he could found and turned it into really amazing collection, which shows what a strange side simple objects may take.

2000 (2)

The idea that the artist tried to imply was to find the objects that could tell a story, and the objects which he found starting from the Graves End and until the Lands End, like shoes, lighters, children’s toys – they all carried a piece of history of human’s life.

2000 (12)
The whole inspiration of this project – Strand, came to Stuart as a conclusion and fear of cancer. Artist believes that sooner or later everybody will have to deal with this disease, the emotions and feelings reach its point in the color scheme of the collection: turning from white to yellow, orange and red. The composition is presented on a special platform with metal cables, giving an impression that all the objects froze in time.

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