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Victorian Christmas Cards That Are As Creepy As Those Times

If Christmas cards are designed to send a note of seasonal affection to both your nearest and dearest and more distant acquaintances, then the images below might make you re-think. You might believe that some modern traditions of holiday celebrations are rather weird until you see the 19th century Victorian era Christmas cards, that are truly as creepy as those times themselves. A series of photographs of festive cards from the Victorian period have been unearthed showing a much more surreal approach to the annual festive missive.

Anthropomorphic  cats, murderous frogs, and insects dancing by the moonlight aren’t exactly part of our Christmas card tradition today. However back in the 19th century, Victorians thought nothing unusual about sending their loved ones a grim image of a dead robin with the words “May yours be a joyful Christmas,” or a card with a boy greeting a jellyfish hovering in the air:

Greetings from Krampus

creepy-victorian-vintage-christmas-cards-5-584aa6eb99cd2__700image source (Image Source)

May all jollity lighten your Christmas hours

creepy-victorian-vintage-christmas-cards-2-584aa6e4c01e3__700image source (Image Source)

A Merry Christmas to you

creepy-victorian-vintage-christmas-cards-6-584aa9c7482cb__700image source (Image Source)

May Christmas be Merry

creepy-victorian-vintage-christmas-cards-1-584aa6e2a3fe1__700image source (Image Source)

Wishing you a Merry Christmas

creepy-victorian-vintage-christmas-cards-13-584aadff2c237__700image source (Image Source)

May yours be a joyfull Christmas

creepy-victorian-vintage-christmas-cards-4-584aa6e9a24a9__700image source (Image Source)

A Merry Christmas


A Happy Christmas

creepy-victorian-vintage-christmas-cards-29-584ab65010e48__700image source (Image Source)

Wishing you a Happy Christmas

creepy-victorian-vintage-christmas-cards-35-584abaf07104b__700image source (Image Source)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

creepy-victorian-vintage-christmas-cards-31-584ab7b52bb9f__700image source (Image Source)

Happy Christmas

creepy-victorian-vintage-christmas-cards-15-584aaee6b40f1__700-1image source (Image Source)

Here’s a crow for Christmas

creepy-victorian-vintage-christmas-cards-30-584ab1d0aaded__700-1image source (Image Source)

Wishsing you a jolly Christmas

creepy-victorian-vintage-christmas-cards-3-584aa6e6ad303__700-1image source (Image Source)

Happy Christmas


source: boredpanda

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