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Urban Artist Bordalo II Shows His Concern For The Animal Treatment In 3D Mural Sculptures

The problem of humans attitude and unacceptable behavior found its expression in different kinds of art, starting with painters and now even urban artists show a big concern.


A Portuguese young artist creates incredible 3D masterpieces using the trash he finds in the streets of the cities. Artur Bordalo tries to send a message to all the humanity, to show how careless people are and to wake people’s conscious. The artists believes that a slogan of the modern world – buy buy buy, use once and throw away, turns people into careless and selfish.

One of the biggest worries and concerns of the young artist is the animal care, therefore most of his sculptures display animal objects. The latest project of him is called “Abandoned” and is mainly focused on the problem of animal abandonment. This problem is especially big during the summer season, when a huge amount of pets are left by their owners for various reasons.
Bordallo II hopes that his works will bring wisdom to people and make them responsible for their actions.



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