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A Unique Salvador Dali’s Cookbook Is Finally On Sale

Dali has always stood out with his extravagant and surreal artworks. But painting wasn’t his only one passion. As it turns out he used to practice his art passion in the kitchen area as well.
True or not, but Dali dreamed to become a chef as a child. This dream persuaded him long time before he became an artist. So back in 1973, he managed to publish his first cookbook. It was the step number one to the dream job. The cooking book is entitled “Les Diner de Gala” and you may find plenty of unusual and rather weird dishes, which will for sure feed your imagination. As for the stomach – check by yourself.

The book features such recipes as “Thousand Year Old Eggs”, “Frog Pasties” and “Toffee with Pine Cones”.
Dali used these recipes for entertaining his guests during his parties. The dishes were first of all strange, but this is not everything. In order to try them out all guests had to come to the party wearing bizarre outfits, to keep up with a whole surrealistic game.
The book intended to play with you imagination, so don’t even try to find some healthy or dietetic formulas inside, the author warns. Now you can purchase the reissued copy of the book on Amazon.



source: sobadsogood

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