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Ukrainian Artist Impressed The World With Her Architectural Desserts

Ukraine is a country with rich potential. There are many talented people who show incredible results in all spheres, starting from sports, science and finishing with baking desserts. One of such amazing people is Dinara Kasko. Originally from Kharkov, the girl is architect by education, working as a baker and is a simply talented person.

The combination of such two totally opposite activities brought up the cakes which look like architectural masterpieces. While cooking desserts Dinara manages to combine absolutely delicious pastries with geometrical figures and architectural constructions.

The girl found the balance between working on her fantastical desserts, taking care of the small daughter and is dreaming to work in a restaurant where people are obsessed with creative and unusual things like her.

Dinara likes to experiment and is eager to create something new. You would definitely agree that such pastries are hard to compare with anything else. They look so good that it is almost a shame to eat them, it would be just enough to enjoy its look. Dinara is now the newest star in the world of culinary and her pastries are truly revolutionary!




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