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This Paper Meal Looks Too Delicious For An Art

The delicious looking meals you see in the pictures has a rather deceiving nature, as the ingredients are not so tasty as they look like. The paper meal idea belongs to Yelldesign, an animation studio in Melbourne, Australia, whose specialty is stop-motion. The team didn’t just create separate foods from paper, like veggies or fruit, but a totally full plates of meal!

One of the team members Todd Watts explains the purpose in the following way, , as there are many projects featuring the still images of food, which look absolutely gorgeous, and are  made from really unexpected materials. But somehow there was no images of full scale recipes made yet, that’s why the team came up with such an idea.

It took several lunch discussions and three months, and nine designers to create these masterpieces and turn colorful papers into works of art.
Have a look at this menu and enjoy the skillful art of the designers. The work is really amazing, but don’t try to bite!



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